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Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by labellaroma, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. labellaroma

    labellaroma Occasional commenter

    Two days ago when I was a GOLD author the TES royalty on a £3.30 resource was .55p. Today as a SILVER author I have just sold a £3.30 resource but the TES royalty is now .99p!! WOW!! Can Tes please explain how going from earning 80% to 70% justifies them doubling their royalty fees?
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  2. mathsmutt

    mathsmutt Star commenter

    Hi @labellaroma ,

    The 55p would be because the purchaser was subjected to VAT at 20%, so TES would have taken 20% of £2.75.

    The 99p would be 30% of your full £3.30, so the purchaser was not subjected to VAT at 20%.

    You would normally expect to get 30% of £2.75, which is 82.5p. (Hopefully, Tes would round this up to 83p!)


    Bronze authors will receive approximately 50% of the price being charged, so a £3.30 resource would (normally) attract £1.65 royalty.

    Hope this helps.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2018
  3. labellaroma

    labellaroma Occasional commenter

    Hi @mathsmutt. Thank you for your explanation. However I would still like Tes to reply and justify why they have taken .99p... it doesn't sound right to me!
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  4. nwilkin

    nwilkin Occasional commenter

    I agree with @mathsmutt , it sounds like there was VAT on one and not on the other. TES only take commission after VAT so if there is no VAT then their commission would be from a larger share as it is on the total price and not the total price minus VAT. If you want a direct answer from TES then I would email authors@tes.com to ask them but it adds up if you take into account the varying VAT.
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