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New AQA pseudocode array index spec (8250) differs from old spec (4512)

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by hollende, May 11, 2016.

  1. hollende

    hollende New commenter

    Has anyone noticed that...

    AQA pseudocode spec states (AQA-GCSE-COMPSCI-W-TRB-PSEU.PDF):

    "One‐dimensional array assignment. Indexing will start at 1, not 0."

    But the corresponding teaching guide (AQA-8520-TG-PC Pseudo Code teaching guide.PDF) states :

    "Exam paper questions will assume that indexing for arrays and strings starts at 0 unless specifically stated otherwise."

    Admittedly these are different specifications, but it is annoying when you are teaching out the old 4512 spec to be examined in 2017 and starting the new cohorts on the new spec 8250 in September 2016.

    Students find this array index issue very confusing and a lot of resources could get things wrong depending on whether array indexes begin at 1 or 0!

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