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New AQA English Language A Level

Discussion in 'English' started by Rosadoodle, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Rosadoodle

    Rosadoodle New commenter


    We have decided to go with AQA for the new A Level (we did English Language B before).

    What do people think about the co-teaching SOW AQA have suggested? Also, has anyone purchased the 'student' text book? Wondered if it was worth buying. I haven't taught some of the topics before (mainly language and diversity) so I was thinking that the book might be useful.

    Not great that we are having to plan a new A Level curriculum at the same time as the GCSE reforms!

  2. CandysDog

    CandysDog Established commenter

    We used the co-teaching plans as the basis of our planning. Seemed to work.

    I've bought both the Oxford and Cambridge books. Both are worth having for reference. Only one is endorsed by AQA, but both are written by examiners.
  3. Hi,

    I too am attempting to plan our course for AQA A Level English Language for next year. We are teaching AS followed by exam, then most if not all will go on to do the A Level. We will have 2 teachers taking 2 hours each at AS. I'm finding the AQA suggested schemes a bit vague in terms of what content to cover, especially how to introduce the course/ split the coverage of language methods in the first half term. It also seems as though responsibility for the two papers is passed back and forth between the teachers (e.g. directed writing) which might become confusing.

    Does anyone have a scheme of work they wouldn't mind sharing? I'm attempting to do this on my own and I seem to be hitting a brick wall!

    Many thanks.
  4. Rosadoodle

    Rosadoodle New commenter


    We are also going to get the whole of the class to sit the AS and then see who continues to the A Level. We're following the co-teaching SOW though (with myself being the lead teacher).

    I haven't planned anything yet (another job for the summer) but I'm happy to share what I create once I've done my lessons. Just send me your email and I can email it to you. I'm finding it quite daunting too.
  5. maltesefalcon

    maltesefalcon New commenter

    Hi I am teaching this too and also finding the AQA co-teaching scheme of work a bit vague ( especially as I will be the only teacher). Like you all our students will be sitting the AS exam. I haven't taught English Language A Level before so am finding planning a bit daunting too. I have bought the Cambridge book and am basing my lessons mainly around that. I would be grateful for any resources or a scheme of work . I would be happy to swap anything I've got!
  6. Rosadoodle

    Rosadoodle New commenter

    I'd be happy to swap too. Just send me an email address if you like? I've ordered the Cambridge book now!
  7. PCPlum

    PCPlum New commenter

    Message sent, Rosadoodle!

    We've gone with the Cambridge texts as the Collins ones aren't out yet.
  8. roamingteacher

    roamingteacher Established commenter Forum guide

    What happened with the proposal to get rid of AS? It never came to anything?
  9. CandysDog

    CandysDog Established commenter

    There never really was one. Michael Gove wanted (and got) AS Levels decoupled from A Levels (meaning AS Levels cannot be topped up to A Levels like now), but there was never any political desire to get rid of AS Levels completely – just to return to the pre-2000 situation of them being completely separate from A Levels.

    However, there was strong support for retaining the current AS and A2 system from the vast majority of the teaching community (the English and Media Centre seems to be the only notable exception in our subject), virtually all universities (including Oxbridge and the Russell Group) and many political parties (including Labour).

    Based on this popularity, the exam boards told Ofqual that they planned to write specifications that allowed AS and A Level students to be taught alongside each other in Year 12 (whether students actually took the AS Level or not). Ofqual was a bit lukewarm about this (given its remit to implement the Government's desire for linear, two year A Levels), but said there would be no objection to having co-teachable AS and A Levels providing both sets of criteria were fulfilled. So that's what the exam boards did and got accredited.

    Anecdotally, it appears that most schools and colleges are going to teach the AS Level course in Year 12, enter students for the AS Level exams at the end of the year and teach the remaining A Level content to those continuing in Year 13. The Russell Group has actively encouraged this. There are, however, a significant minority of schools and colleges who are just teaching A Levels, with no AS Levels, as Gove desired.
  10. Hi everyone, I am so happy to have found these posts! I am trying to put together a plan for myself and one other teacher with regards to which topics to teach for this spec. I too have looked at the 'suggested teaching sequence' but it doesn't translate well into 'you teach this, I'll teach that'! Myself and a colleague have 5 lessons each per fortnight. Has anyone mastered a workable model to teach as a two yet? We will be basing our teaching on the Cambridge student book. So far I know that I will be (attempting to) teach p. 8 - 59: the old frameworks, and he will be teaching p.61 - 93: textual variations and representations, in the first term. After that...! I have a plan I am working on that I would be happy to share, but once I get to after Christmas it gets a bit messy! Thank you!
  11. VeronicAmb

    VeronicAmb Occasional commenter


    We teach our A-levels the way you do. We've decided to teach the whole A-level, rather than AS and then A2. So teacher 1 will have paper 1 for the whole year, and then teacher 2 will teacher paper 2 and so forth. Then when it comes to the c/w in final year, that will be split between the 2 from Sept-Jan. Then revision will be from Feb-May.

    But, I'm unsure whether you're teaching just the AS version first, rather than the whole two years?
  12. Yes you are correct, we are teaching the AS version first which is clearly problematic! I think to split it would mean that one teacher perhaps teaches the frameworks, then the other teaches Textual variations and representations along with Language diversity. Then maybe the frameworks teacher could pick up the directed writing for paper 2 plus revision? It feels quite uneven though.
  13. pianopete

    pianopete Occasional commenter

    Hello. I've just taken over leadership of KS5 language and am currently working on a 2-teacher plan for teaching this starting in September (we previously taught AQA B).

    It's hard to explain how we've split, except that is is predominantly by paper/section of papers, with both teachers doing initial modules on the language levels (previously frameworks) and an introduction to analysis focusing on lang, the individual and the society.

    We then split with one teacher focusing on gendered representation, technological impact on language, occupation/power (although this sounds very old spec, it will be altered to fit the demands of new questions and broadened as per the more synoptic aspect of the new course). The second teacher does the creative writing/commentary part of the NEA (which also links to study of textual variation etc.) and then lang and ethnicity.

    After the madness of term 5 where some students will be on study leave for old modular exams (and when we'll do an AS style paper for interim assessment) one teacher starts the investigation, one change. CLA and revision are then split for the rest of Y13.

    I think that makes sense and, of course, it's open to change as the year progresses and we learn more about papers/specs and get resources from the exam board.

    Hope that is useful!
  14. CandysDog

    CandysDog Established commenter

    We're just splitting the teaching by paper. One teacher does Paper 1 (both AS and A Level, as were doing both), while the other does Paper 2. It took some careful planning to split (more because some of AQA's spec isn't very clear), but – on paper, at least – looks like it will work well.

    The Paper 1 teacher also does the investigation (as they've done a bit more of that sort of stuff for Paper 1), while the Paper 2 teacher does the original writing coursework (which means they do all the creative stuff). We used to split the coursework between the teachers, but it's so small now (10% per piece) that we're stopping that. The two bits of coursework will be done at separate times during Year 13.
  15. Thank you so much for your help - today's jobs sorted!
  16. chriszwinter1

    chriszwinter1 New commenter

    The chief examiner for ENGB2 gave us this little gem last week,

    it is no exaggeration to say that the skill, expertise and sheer talent on display has been truly humbling.

    I can only hope that he or she didn't mark anyone down for the lack of subject verb agreement.

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