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New AQA AS Physics 7407 Specification: Exam style questions very welcome !

Discussion in 'Science' started by liver56, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. My colleague and I very recently [Maths teachers by trade but we both studied Physics to A-Level] have been asked to deliver AS Physics from September: The new Spec AQA 7407 course. Essentially we will plan all aspects between ourselves and as non specialists ( though passionate about the subject ), we are keen to use this summer to all that is necessary to 'hit the ground running'. We have been reviewing the new Jim Briethaupt OUP text; 'AQA A Level Physics'. We are very much looking supplement this resource, especially with exam style questions.Obviously there are a few sample/specimen papers for this new spec on the AQA website, but no doubt we are looking to create a much larger resource.

    Has anyone who is switching to this spec, already started looking at past papers from previous years ( and the previous spec) and started identifying Q's and/or parts of Q's which are relevant to the new spec ?

    Having taught A Level Maths & FMAths for several years, the textbooks which we used always had ample excellent questions within them and indeed a plethora of appropriate past paper exam questions existed additionally.

    Any resource with such relevant past paper questions would be hugely appreciated !!

  2. wkclark

    wkclark New commenter

    There are 'extended writing tasks' for the old units one and two and also 4 & 5 (which are pretty much identical in content to the new spec). I used these to get my students thinking about writing about a topic and the key words they should be using. The extended writing tasks are in the resources of this website - I would love to take credit for them, but did not write them...

    The new spec and old spec AQA A are almost identical! Just the assessment is a bit different and momentum is now in AS...
  3. Thats useful thank you very much !!
  4. steve_cooke

    steve_cooke New commenter

    AQA's question style has not changed very much across previous spec. changes so, like wk, I'll be using questions from the previous spec's 1 & 2 papers, as well as similar older qs from the AQA Exampro database for practice.

    The problematic questions, especially if you are from a maths background, will be the understanding the set practicals questions. None of us have any experience of them, but having done ISAs and EMPAs for a long time, and looking at the sample paper, they look like they will be similar to the questions in an ISA paper - so have a look through those as well.

    At a guess I would say uncertainties will be the bit you will have to work the hardest on with yourselves and with the students.

    Join talkphysics.org - it isn't the most active forum, but you will get any tough physics teaching questions answered.

    Bear in mind that the textbook probably had to be written before the spec. was finalised, so don't rely on it. Also, remember that graphic designers rarely understand physics, so the first edition can have errors in the diagrams, which in physics you rely on!

    And try to remember that the maths is there to elucidate the Physics - it is not an end in itself!

    Good luck
  5. sci84

    sci84 New commenter

  6. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    Maths teachers teaching physics. Such is the nadir of our profession.
  7. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    Just as a test to see if you are ready to teach physics.

    1/ what is the common name of the device shown in my avatar? As the picture is not clear I will add that the scale is ± 50 µA with a centre reading of zero.

    2/ What is it used for in a present day physics class?

    3/ What is its purported relationship to Frankenstein?

    4/ Why is the term “voltage” allowed in exam answers, but “ampage” is not allowed? Indeed, I have used marking schemes where the student lost a mark if they used the term, over simply not gaining a mark.

    That is enough for now. I will post the answers if you cannot come up with them.
  8. steve_cooke

    steve_cooke New commenter

    Is the answer to 2 - propping open doors?

    Surely maths teachers with a Physics A level aren't the nadir compared to all the others you hear of having their arms twisted to teach Physics!?
  9. jennylee24

    jennylee24 New commenter

    Hello there,

    I teach both A-Levels Physics (and Maths), AQA, OCR and Edexcel syllabuses to students. I think like many things the others have mentioned, the actual core content hasn't actually changed that much (one thing I found quite odd is the inclusion of exoplanets in the Astrophysics option when it is still not really that established yet!). I think we can still safely use the exam questions from the past papers to drill/test/practice with the students, etc.

    For the measurements and uncertainties section, the best resource I can refer you to is from IB Physics Topic 1. They have some very comprehensive questions, relating to uncertainties and measurements in all topics of physics. If you want an A-Level board, then the CIE A-Levels and Edexcel International A-Levels Programme have what they called an Alternative to Practical paper, and some of these aspects will be covered too.

    How are you finding the Practical Endorsements/Compulsory Practicals side of things in classes? How are you and your students finding the time in the labs?
  10. emlgibson

    emlgibson New commenter

    I recently attended some training given by AQA about the new spec and the advice we were given about the assessment of practical skills in the written papers was to look at the old ISA/EMPA papers as apparently the same examiners will be writing the questions for the new papers so the style of question should be similar. However we were warned that the old ISA/EMPA papers will be taken down from the website at the end of this year once the old course finishes.
  11. steve_cooke

    steve_cooke New commenter

    That's really useful information - thanks eml

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