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New AQA A level history course: Unit 3

Discussion in 'History' started by gmj1234, Aug 30, 2015.

  1. I was just enquiring about people's plans for the coursework unit of the new AQA A level history.

    As department we chose AQA believing that the coursework unit was an almost completely open ended personal study then, after attending a preparing to teach course, when the examiner outlined that Unit 3 would have to cover a topic within a time span of 100 years, debate two different (not conflicting) interpretations of the topic and find supporting/challenging primary sources we were forced to have a rethink.

    It will be very difficult for the vast majority of our students to reach the above criteria independently. We do not want to go down the route of teaching a topic and then asking all students to complete their coursework on that topic because we simply do not have the time; without it impacting upon units 1 and 2.

    We have thought about providing students with a list of topics that the students can choose from. The list would consist of topics that we as a department can provide resources and 'expertise' with.

    Just wondering what other departments' plans/thought processes were? Any ideas/help would be most welcome.


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