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New A-level/IBDP/AP chemistry website in the works...

Discussion in 'Science' started by jamesapps, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. jamesapps

    jamesapps New commenter

    Hi All,

    Happy 2020! I wanted to share with you a new website I am working on at www.learningchem.co.uk/

    It is intended to support dedicated students and early-career chemistry teachers, presenting the fundamentals of chemistry at a slightly more in-depth level than normal (from what I can tell during my nine years of A-level and IBDP experience at least). It draws on many of the discussions I had with students who wanted to know more. I have only uploaded two articles at present (since Dec 2019) and plan to upload others (covering all the main areas of chemistry) when I get the time to write them. It is a side-project of mine, completely free to view. I probably have a few dozen articles planned. More info is provided on my site.

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  2. citct

    citct New commenter

  3. jamesapps

    jamesapps New commenter

    I began looking for the symbols I needed from various frameworks/libraries and realised everything is available from HTML.

    Yes, I will certainly add web feeds in the near future to make it easier for readers. Your feedback is appreciated, thanks.

    What's coming up: atomic structure and bonding, and then linking this with spectroscopy.

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