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New A-Level formulae

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by stewarty, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. stewarty

    stewarty New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    One of my displays in my room is a 6th Form formulae/identities board. As the year progresses we add to it bit by bit.
    I have tried looking on the exam boards websites for formulae that is required to be used/learnt for the new A-Level but cant find it. Would anyone know if this exists?

    Once I find it I will be happy to share my resource if you wish to use it for your room.

  2. Colleen_Young

    Colleen_Young Occasional commenter

    What you need is the DfE Subject Content document here. Go to the end - Appendix B.
    I have been gathering information / resources on this series of pages.
  3. chris592

    chris592 New commenter

    On the subject of formulae...
    Can anyone tell me if there will be a brand new formulae book used for exams (Edexcel) to replace the old book. And if there is, does this get issued by the exam board, or ordered by the exams officer, or do I have to order them as a Head of Department?

    Sorry if this is an obvious question.
  4. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

    Exam boards will produce the new booklets ready for June 2018. They will send enough to cover all of the students doing new spec AS or A Level plus a few extra. These will be sent to your exams officer who will guard them with her/his life. Each exam season the exam board will send a few more, but it is up to the exams officer to order more if needed.
  5. PFCDaz

    PFCDaz New commenter

    not sure about the other boards, but for OCR and the OCR(MEI) specs for maths the formulae provided are in the front of the papers (have a look at the sample papers). for further maths a formula book has been produced and is available on their website.

    for the formulae students need to know, they are in the dfe content documents, and for OCR are listed in the back of the new specifications, again available on their website

  6. jowexler

    jowexler New commenter

    Edexcel's formulae book is available from the emporium. It's also included at the back of the Sample Assessment Materials.
  7. chris592

    chris592 New commenter

    Just to update on this: WE have phoned EDEXCEL this morning and they have said that the formula books are being sent this morning. (Friday 11th)

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