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New 2017 GCSE tier issues

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by krystyna647, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. krystyna647

    krystyna647 New commenter

    I am a new HOD and would be interested to see if anyone else is having similar issues around deciding which tier SOW KS4 students should follow, to prepare them for the new GCSE in 2017. We are currently following a 2year/3year AQA SOW for years 10/9 respectively, and have the bottom two sets of both years following foundation schemes. This has made set changes between groups that are following different tiered schemes particularly difficult, as the topics that have been covered don't match up.
    I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has ks4 students following foundation schemes and, if so, how did you decide which/how many students to include? I have contacted AQA and they cannot give me any concrete information on what grade boundaries might look like for foundation papers, only that the same proportion of students who got at least a C grade on the old papers will get at least a 4 on the new GCSE, as has been specified by ofqual. Any advice or opinions would be most welcome!
  2. DHoD07

    DHoD07 New commenter

    No one really knows what the grade boundaries are going to look like. Currently, it feels like 75% of the cohort needs to be on a foundation tier!
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