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Networked Macs and Mass Performances at a Flick of a Switch

Discussion in 'Music' started by IMaMac, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. We are very fortunate in that we have two classrooms with 32
    networked G5 Macs. We have been using remote Desktop to show students
    work through the white board or two each other, but we have found
    playing other students work a chore as you had to share it over the
    network and play on th teachers computer. Or you would have to change
    the sound driver over to play through the built in sound on the computer
    with a bit of work we have managed to write a little script that will
    change this all over using Remote Desktop and Automater. Now we can
    display one students work to everyone and change the sound driver over
    to play out loud at a Flick of a switch. Or we can now turn all 16 macs
    to play out loud and do ensemble performances and then at the Flick of
    a switch change it back to headphones.
    So I was wondering if
    other schools running Network Macs and Remote Desktop would be
    interested in this? Or if you have other solutions to that problem
  2. This sounds great. I have 16 macs on my own wireless hub not on the school network and I also use remote desktop. How do I go about getting this programme set up? Also, while I have someone who seems to know what they are doing...when I link my mac up to the ohp the screen resolution seems to distort, massively. I have tried altering the resolution but to no avail:-( Any ideas? Thanks in anticipation.
  3. Send me your email address and we can post you the script.
    Are you using an external sound card? If so you will need to alter the script to what ever the sound card is.

    After that you will need to change the automator to select the name of the computer.

    Your resolution problem seems a bit strange. How are you connecting to it? Is it through a firewire screen to VGA adapter that Mac sell unsensibly for £20!?!

  4. dropje

    dropje New commenter

    OMG Bloody definitely!
    We have 22 networked iMacs and the only way to listen to kids work is by them emailing us their tracks or physically unplugging headphones etc.
    Please please please send me your recommendations and I will pass it on to our network managers.

  5. Where the FUCHS did you get the money for 30 odd networked macs? We've got one, it' makes the PC's look stoneage!

  6. I agree, they do!

    Still, this programme is really neat and would be looking for other Mac based music departments to give it a try. I hear the Isle of Man went completely Mac back in the 90s
    Contact me if your interested
  7. Yes, but they've all got three arms!
  8. This sounds like an excellent little script. We have networked macs in our dept and this would help us all tremendously when it comes to listening to each others work. I would be very grateful if I could get a copy of the script.



  9. George whats your set up. Are you running Remote Desktop 3 OSX 10.6 and do you have an external sound card such as an Edirol?

    Let me know and it may be of use.
  10. actually I haven't got remote desktop - I was confusing this with "screen sharing" . We about 25 macs (imacs and macbooks) running OSX 10.5. all with Digidesign MBOX2's.
    So this script is for use with remote desktop? I just looked on the apple store where its over £400 - may have to hang on until I scrape some budget from somewhere as I've just bought a nice new mic and some other goodies ;-)

  11. Its an apple script that works with Remote Desktop, but the script might be of use, I'll send it over

  12. I have just been given a significant amount of money to re-fit my music tech suite and have decided on imacs. But the audio issue with sharing work has been bothering me, until i found this thread. I plan to run Logic and have a M-Audio keystation 49i attached to it, enabling MIDI and Audio recording and running remote desktop. I was aware that listening to audio this way was going to be an issue and wanted to have a way of listening and sharing the students work.
    My current set-up is a room of PC's which have a splitter out of the soundcard, one for headphones and the the other routed to a Audio patch bay and amplifier. Not great but it has worked ok. I could use the same set-up with the audio out of the M-audio but your script sounds great....would it work with my imac set-up and if so could i have a copy??

  13. If posible could i have a copy of the script please, if its not too inconvenient
  14. Hi
    This sounds brilliant! We are getting macs in january and would be definitely interested. my email is hornlan@aol.com
    thank you very much!

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