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netbooks - good idea?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by alea, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. I've bought my son a netbook for xmas. It was £199 from currys http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/acer-aspire-one-d255-red-08082970-pdt.html
    so the cheapest I've seen. But was awake at 3am wth cold sweats about it?!!!
    Our home laptop has died (after being fixed once already). I do have a work laptop that I take home. Thought a netbook might be a better option as my son was a bit heavy handed with the laptop - screen hanging off at one end and the mains connection pin had become lose inside (again). I thought with a netbook being more portable (upto 4 hours battery with this model) and lighter it would be easier to carry round the house and could be unplugged a lot of the time. Also (this one especially is) quite a bit cheaper than a laptop.
    I know they have their limitations - not very good at multi-tasking or gaming but he only uses internet and 'word' for school. I've read that you probably can't do both together. Actually he does often have music playing through it whilst working, not sure how well that would work?
    What do you think? I would be really grateful for any advice.

  2. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    We paid a bit more and bought one for my son lat year. he is a computer buff and uses it all the while.He says it great
    Some of the cheaper models dont have all the same bits......as long as it internet wired,got a HD and at least 2 usb ports he should be ok......they dont have cd drives usually and so you might have to buy an external one if he needs to load up or save to cd
  3. Thanks for that, olds. Praise from a computer buff is praise indeed. (I'm the complete opposite. Computer duff?!) It's got usb ports and wireless internet built in not sure about the hd thing?
  4. Hard drive... He will be fine an love it. If the key board s too small or the mouse too fiddly he can get external ones that plug in via the USB. A mouse is the only thing my mother bought. I also down loaded open office for her which is equivalent to Microsoft office, but free. If he uses that then he will just have to watch the format he saves things in. You were right to buy it. Everything will work fine!
  5. Wow, thanks very much. Feeling so much better now!
    Haven't heard of open office but will look into it. I've saved the ms office disc from the one i last bought but thrown away the box (as it was huge!) and it seems the produce key was in the box-doh! I think the disc itself is useless [​IMG]
    Thanks again x
  6. He will love the portability and extra battery time.
  7. I use mine a lot - yes it's slower than my desktop, but it's still faster than my normal laptop bought 4 years ago.
  8. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Great idea :)
  9. Since our 'main' computer died, my son (18) keeps hijacking this little netbook of mine! (which I love, and I am also a computer duff!)
    So I would agree with other posters. He will love it!
  10. I'm using a cheap netbook- great, small, quick and does all I need it to. Think this was a similar price from a supermarket
  11. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    There is only ONE legitimate Open Office website (at www.openoffice.org) and loads of others that will try to scam you for money. Don't pay anything - it's free, open source software. It's good too - very much like MS Office was before they introduced that stupid tabbed toolbar.
  12. Thanks everyone!
    Have openoffice.org on faves to set up on the netbook! (Well, get the boy to set it up-him being of a more modern generation!)
  13. jazz2

    jazz2 New commenter

    Not that you really need any more positive votes, but I agree with all the above - netbooks are great. Mr Jazz takes his everywhere and finds it very handy as he commutes.
    The only thing I disagree with is this -
    because you can do those together - though there are probably other programs that can't be run at the same time.

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