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netbook vs laptop - Help please

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by anon3946, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. I use a laptop. I'd like a netbook as well but if it's just one or the other- laptop all the way!
    I was provided with a netbook in my first placement and whilst they're useful for basic stuff, the screens are too small for my liking (on my laptop, I can see how an A4 page looks in full; netbook-not so much), internet was fairly slow and they have a very limited memory size. Useful things to have to take to uni or placement (though, honestly, I wouldn't take either a laptop or netbook into placement in case it got damaged- though that's because I have nowhere to put my things this placement) but not so useful to do huge long hauls of work. (Plus, I have no TV and I'm damned if I'm watching films via a netbook! But that's for personal use.)
  2. I had a laptop already, but since being on placement I have purchased a netbook as I needed to have portability for school. The laptop was too big with all the books I have to carry. I have a little case that goes over my shoulder for the netbook. I have just planned all my next weeks lessons on the netbook. I have 2 internets running and 2 word docs, no problem.
    If you get a new one which has the dual core processor (which includes the intel atom 500 series) it will be fine :)
    There is a compromise however, there are now some laptops which are marginally bigger than a desktop- one of them will prob be best. I need my netbook in placement as my mentor will tell me what she wants from a lesson. I type it straight into the lesson plan template and save myself time and effort :) My mentor will also tell me that she has to talk to some people so our meeting will need to wait for 30 mins. With my netbook I can plan whilst waiting, instead of doing it on paper and typing things up later.
    Go for the small laptop probably. Its about £100 more than a netbook, but if you are short on cash, go for £250 netbook.
  3. oldsizenines

    oldsizenines New commenter

    I would go for a laptop. We had netbooks in our school last year, and although they were so portable if you're moving around during PPA etc, you can't view a weekly plan or assessment spreadsheets on them very well. SIMS was horrendous on those tiny screens. Now, we have regular laptops and they are so much easier, especially for smartboard software and viewing webpages with the class etc.
    I had to go back to my netbook last week because my laptop software was being upgraded... I really struggled.
    I think for the documents us teachers have to produce on a regular basis, laptops are your best bet.
  4. If it is JUST for school/PGCE use then possibly wait and see what you are given via your placement schools. My school gives fairly decent laptops to trainee teachers and I know a few who have regretted spending £4-500 on one for themselves.
  5. thequillguy

    thequillguy New commenter

    It's still worth purchasing your own laptop if you don't want it to be locked down by the school. £400 from laptopsdirect.co.uk At home, I would have a desktop with two screens attached to complete work; it will make all the difference. A notebook is good for notes and wordprocessing, but any kind of PowerPoint making, or viewing certain programs (like SIMS) is insufferable. However, it doesn't really function as your prime computer.

    I've never heard of a school in Yorkshire giving trainees laptops, especially decent ones. Sure it does happen elsewhere, though.
  6. sleepyhead

    sleepyhead New commenter

    I give my traines netbooks, but I'm not in Yorkshire!
    I'd love to be able to afford laptops for them, but the budget doesn't stretch quite that far, and there are very few other schools that I know of that give trainees anything at all.
    Personally, I prefer a laptop to a netbook, but then I don't have to cart it around with me. I have access to a netbook which I use when I am travelling, which is better because it fits nicely on the terrible seatback tables on a train, and into my handluggage when I fly.
    We have a trainee currently who wants her home laptop to get onto the school network, and we're not allowing her. As a full time permanent member of staff, I can't do that either though
  7. Thank's so much for the replies everybody, really helpful! My dad and I discussed it and have decided on a laptop in the end. The whole idea of the netbook not being very good for running multiple programmes or having a very big screen swung it in the end because I need something that I can use for everything on the course. Also, I'll be in Yorkshire so it sounds like I probably won't get a laptop anyways! If I decide I want a netbook or ipad later on when I'm actually a teacher (and have some money) then I'll probably get one then [​IMG]

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