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Nervous self-doubting NQT doing supply. Help!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by liztapp, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Hello there,
    I realise my message is very similar to many on the supply forum but nevertheless, I need to get my worries off my chest and hope I will receive some encouraging words!
    I qualified last July with a Primary PGCE specialising in Spanish (if only I knew then what I know now about how little schools are interested in Spanish!), I didn't apply for any jobs during my PGCE as I had Hitler style mentors and head teachers who sucked every last little bit of energy out of me so I just wanted to qualify and successfully finish my placements, which I did.
    I have since applied for approx 7 jobs, permanent and temporary, and have not had one interview yet. I signed with a supply agency last August and have had one week's work from them in January. I started temping with an admin agency in August of last year as I desperately needed money after years of studying. When speaking to the supply agency they said we wouldn't want you to give up guaranteed paid work with admin job in case they can't find any work for me. So the admin job lasted till December.
    It is now March and I have since signed up with two more supply agencies who I am feeling more positive about, the first one has been very poor, no support, no feedback from the week's work, a very blase attitude. I was even told that I was making him feel bad for giving me no work and it wasn't his responsibility to find me work!
    However, the point is, I've not been in a school since January and I now feel really nervous, don't know whether I'm any good at teaching, am worried about not getting control of the class, worried about being unprepared - how can you have lessons prepared for every single year group for every single subjects??
    Does anyone have any advice to make me feel more positive about things?
    Thank you.

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