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Nelson Handwriting

Discussion in 'Primary' started by dizzyblonde1969, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. Has anyone used Nelson Handwriting before??
    I have been given a set of the "Developing Skills" books and the teachers bookbut would really love a set of the workbooks 1-6. These look like the more basic, starter elements of the programme. But theyare about £15 for 10 copies of each book!! Can't get them much cheaper on ebay either...rats! School won't pay as they like us to use PenPals although its not a 3line whip on this and I hate PenPals!
    Is it worth my while seeing if I can copy a copy of the workbooks from a friend (don't feel good about this!) or shall I not bother??
  2. Alie

    Alie New commenter

    I found the workbooks restrictive - the children often found them hard to use and some of the letters are not written how my school liked. The ones that pop into mind are k and l as we had a loop in the k and a flick on the l. There was also a lot on a page (although I did split it into sections). Personally I like the workbook for me the teacher to work from and the children to have handwriting books OR small whiteboards. I do not think they are worth the money but that is my opinion. Is there anyway you could get an example of the book from Nelson to see if you actually want to use it?
  3. fulloffun

    fulloffun New commenter

    My school has always 'done' Nelson handwriting but last year bought Penpals .I teach reception and they do love the iwb penpal exercises.
    I chop an exercise book book in half for handwriting formation and I do do the Nelson way,showing the formation to nthe children linking into the phonics we are learning.

    Is it different to the penpals for the older children ??
  4. forestje

    forestje New commenter

    Take a look at Collins Handwriting Scheme. For those old enough to remember, it is based on the Marion Richardson scheme.We start with it in EY and by the time they reach KS2 most have mastered it and are ready for writing with a pen.
  5. Thanks for your input guys. I actually run the year 2 penpals for my children as their handwriting is so poor (I teach Y3/4). I like the warm up and do use them however I have never been trained on this programme (and everyone who has been has left!!) so I find it a little unstructured. I guess I liek the interactive element but need a book to follow as well... and yes the teachers book doesn't float my boat either!
    I am really insecure about handwriting as mine is awful! I have some quite distinct memories of being humiliated in primary school over it. Some people just seem to have naturally neat handwriting and it's very hard to get people to believe that poor handwriting is not just because you are lazy!
  6. http://www.morrellshandwriting.co.uk/index.shtml

    Have any of you ever used these books? I found the web page buts its a lot of money. Would like to know if they are any good before buying them.
  7. http://www.phonicsinternational.com/Joined%20Handwriting.pdf
    dizzyblonde - try this style for yourself. Write the letters discretely - but literally do a 'straight' diagonal line to small letter tops and not a curve. See what you think.
    Perfect it for yourself. Think about when to use a straight diagonal line and when to use a washing line. Imagine teaching it to the children.

  8. When we have used Nelson handwriting in yr 5 class, I was in there as a helper, the teacher lead the class in the formation on a white board showing them 2 or 3 times how to form the letter/word then they did a line in their work book practising that letter/word so it was very structured and calm, we would then walk around the class as they were writing in their book to check they were ok and it also meant we could pick up on any one not forming their letter/word correctly and help them immediately. This worked very well and the class were really focused. So we never had a class set of books the teacher always led it from the front.

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