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negotiating pay? long term placement?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by albertdog, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Certainly at least £130pd would be more like it if you replacing the regular teacher in every respect, such as marking, planning etc. Beware though as, from recent experience, schools and/or agencies will agree conditions before you take a job and then alter them once you have finished; such as telling you that you will be 'teaching', only to find that they intend paying as a CS.
  2. Well I bit the bullet and asked about my pay, it turns out I am getting less than £90 per day which I am disgusted about. The reasoning is apparantly because I am an NQT and will get more when I'm 'qualified' - erm excuse me?
    Im still at the school and no end date is in sight, I have taken complete ownership of the classes and I'm trying to get them to understand that I am their replacement teacher not just another CS. Behaviour still hasn't improved in the classes, with some of the older classes simply refusing to do work.
    I told my agency about how much work I have to do and so I think I deserve more money, the reply? They are going to speak to the school and see if they are willing to pay more money!!! I'm not asking the school to pay more, I'm asking the agency to lower their profit margin!
  3. this is shocking, you have QTS you are qualified. sounds like the agency is taking you for a ride here, its a horrible dilema though, do you stick to your guns and demand more money or get replaced. personally i would not do that job for £90 but times are really hard atm. i really hate the way we get treated. good luck with getting more money i really hope you dont get screwed on this.

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