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Needs to know what an evening or weekend is???

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by edu103, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. 11 years of teaching and I have never known a workload like what we are currently expected to upt up with!
    EVERY piece of work HAS to be marked with a star and wish according to LO, appart from Big Write where we HAVE to award 2 stars and a wish.
    On top of this we have all the SEN to sort out, thats 11 of my 31 class...
    In practise it is taking me around an hour to hour and half to mark each set of books because of the underlingin of mispelt words, recorded correctly above the word and then written at the bottom of the page for the child to rewrite correctly next day and continue to spell any how they like thereafter. Adding stars ans wishes in books ranging from L3 readers (I see the point here) to P8 (What the ...?)
    Spent all of yesterday planning as PPA HAS to be spent checking SA+ folders, SA folders, Individual reading folders, Spelling folders, Guided Reading folders... have been filled in properly by classroom supporters and TImes tables have been added to class set of individual books for timetables test next day!
    I am currently spending on average three times longer on marking, paper work, meetings... than I actually spend with the children!
    I am seriously hacked off!!!
    Thanks for the moan. I'll stop now before I set my keyboad alight [​IMG]
  2. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    It's a tough job.
  3. purplepixie

    purplepixie New commenter

    As I read your post I got to one point where I actually repeated, aloud, in a completely bewildered tone of voice: "FOLDERS?!" What on EARTH do you mean, SA and SA+ folders?! That definitely sounds like bureaucracy overkill - there are lots more efficient, time-saving ways to record and meet standards in SEN. (I'm a SENCO on the rampage to cut paperwork at my school as it sounds like we have similar workloads.)

    Other than that, can you use your TA/LSA more effectively at all? Obviously I have no insight as to the structure of your lessons, day and management and so on, but my LSA knows the marking scheme and applies it to the group he's worked with that lesson, marking their books for me. That way I have between 4 and 8 fewer books to actually mark, I just need to scan over them and transfer the assessments to my mark book.

    Along those lines, I mark the books of the group I'm working with as I go along so that at least half the group's books are actually marked before I sit down to do the rest - again, saving me around 2 to 5 books, depending on how efficient I've been abel to be!

    Additionally, while not exactly approved practice, once a week I see if I can set my class a "simmering" activity for 10-15 minute, something they're able to do independently, so I can quickly whizz through something that needs "light" marking, such as Reading Journals, Big Maths or similar.

    Now, I can't sit on here all day - I've got Ofsted tomorrow and need to read through my planning! :) Hope you manage to find some shortcuts, somehow, somewhere...
  4. purplepixie

    purplepixie New commenter

  5. purplepixie

    purplepixie New commenter

    No, hang on. With the spellings thing - they have to rewrite every single incorrect spelling they make? Even if that's not the main aim of the lesson? Were I in your position, I'd be selecting 2 or 3 spellings that have letter strings or sounds they commonly mis-spell, or that are frequently found, or are Phase 3 words, or similar.

    Focus on those, do a bit of Precision Monitoring with them - the children can be in charge of their own words, so you don't have to do that bit of bureaucracy with Precision Monitoring - and then award them a merit if they can use it in their next Big Writing piece, spelt correctly, of course. Much more meaningful, purposeful, not to mention time-saving.

    After all - if it's frustrating for you, it's frustrating for the child too, not to mention absolutely pointless!
  6. Thanks Purplepixie.
    I have what equates to 1 full time TA and 1 part time.
    My TA's HAVE to, by direction from our Headteacher provide 1:1 1/2 hourly daily intervention for SA+ (7 in my class), and then 1:1 20 mins 4x weekly intervention sessions for SA children. Each of the SA+ children have to have their own folder which has since Septemebr needed items recording in triplicate, just incase the children should need statementing in the future. The SA children have to have items recorded twice.
    My TA's are also meant to be in charge of whole class weekly spelling tests and all individual reading (Daily for SA+ children, 3x per week for SA children and 1x per week for rest of class)
    Oh, and then there's the EAL children...
    I did have a 'productive' last week when the head wanted me to explain why some of the children weren't getting the 'required' timing interventions. I invited her to my room where I presented my timetable and asked her to show me how to make it fit.
    The HT's reply - "Oh - you can't"
    Even our independent reading comprehension has to be marked with a star and a wish. EVERYHING recorded by the children MUST be marked with a star and a wish.
    When 'we' take work to cluster moderations we are laughed at!!!
    Thanks for the moan. It doea feel better once I've shouted at a computer screen :)
  7. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    I was under the impression that we could <u>NOT</u> be told what to do in out PPA time.

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