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Needing Help: Technology Use Questions

Discussion in 'US – Staffroom' started by Lesli17537, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. I'm doing research for a paper for a class I'm taking and I need some help. Will you please answer these 4 questions:

    1. Do you (teachers and principals/administrators) have all the websites/apps/technology resources you need to do your work efficiently?

    2. If your answer is no, what do you wish technology could do for you? (work-related, please)

    3. Approximately what percentage of your work-related tasks are completed without technology?

    4. What is your role i.e. primary teacher, secondary teacher, or principal/administrator?

    THANK YOU, in advance!
  2. Wow, 44 people have read this and no one answered!
    1) not 100%, there are probably tools I'm not even aware of, or been too lazy to learn. I would say I have 80% of what I need. There is no free hardware, and every classroom cant be expect to be custom, as it has be supported by IT staff, that is why most schools don't allow teachers to bring their own printers, each with its own drivers and such. Half of my technology I use is supplied by me, since it makes my job easier.
    2) I'd love for students to come in and pass their ID card over something so I would not have to mark attendance, that it was automated.
    3) 20% or less, I teach science so I often still have to use paper and map pencils and meter sticks...
    4) I am a teacher, and all my students are issued laptops, and I feel I must do everything possible to maximize their usage and have the students benefit from the technology. Students are good at being entertained with technology, but not using it as a learning tool
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