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Need to rant....

Discussion in 'Primary' started by R_primary_s, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. I've had enough of teaching, well actually that's not quite true, it's the additional pressures of teaching - planning, SMT, admin and all the other c***! I enjoy teaching when I'm left alone and trusted to do what I'm more than qualified to do, apparently GCSES, A levels, BA hons, PGCE and MA don't qualify me to be left alone to follow guidelines and deliver a suitable primary curriculum for a group of 9-10 year olds. My planning (along with my peers) is constantly demanded so that it can be read through and checked, my children's books are taken and frequently monitored, I'm deemed not worthy to have any input about my thoughts or opinions at staff meeting but instead must sit, listen and follow all instruction like a puppet. I'm fed up, as an intelligent being, I'm treated like a lackey, I have no worth to my school, other than to follow through instruction that comes from a SMT who are detached from teaching themselves and who would be completely unable to deliver or achieve what they expect from me. Don't get me wrong, I strive for high standards for my pupils, I do my best to deliver outstanding and engaging curriculum for my pupils, I want my kids to achieve but how the bloody hell am I supposed to do this with stupid paper demands occurring every which way? I work hard, but I'm getting sick of the whole thing, how the hell can I plan exciting lessons, when my own excitement and engagement has been crushed? Where do I find the time to create and plan exciting resources when I spend every god damn minute of the day planning, checking my objs match up, updating an overwhelming amount of additional ICT requirements, blogs, platforms, class pages, video pages? When I spend the day recording, printing, saving evidence (or justification for a lesson which I am MORE than qualified to deliver)? I'm not magic, I am however, FED UP, DISILLUSIONED, STRESSED OUT and BLOODY MISERABLE.... and it looks like come September I'll be another empty battery sat on the used-up, burnt out teacher pile, I'm not wasting another year!
  2. Look for another school - they're not all like the one you are describing!
  3. mprimaryz

    mprimaryz New commenter

    Here here. I hate the fact that SMT think they are 'down with the kids' and that they think their ideas will somehow make children's learning better. I would truly love to see a head or a deputy teach a normal class and do the extras on top. Sure they might teach a class in your schools but I bet you they take out the HA children. I also bet they have a passion for wanting everything differentiated 8 million bloody ways but don't do it themselves.

    I would love to be a head or a deputy. Rake in the money, hold pointless staff meetings, say things like "good idea... how can we make it even harder and chop down a few more trees to fill our folders up!?" Sit in my office and pretend to work, take an assembly every now and again and just basically talk about what was on the news last night! That would take years of experience though wouldn't it?

    I feel for you r_primary_s. Just remember, teachers are gluttons for punishment! They like nothing than finding more (ridiculous) ways of wasting time and making us do more paper work/tracking and evidencing!
  4. The fact that 'they're not all like that' means that there are more than enough out there for this to sound familiar - this is my third helping of such a school (in three years). I really feel enough is enough!

    Sad - I did start out as an excelling, enthusiastic and creative student - I just wonder were she went?!
  5. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I think you may have been very very unlucky. I've taught for 15 years, in 6 different schools (2 secondary, 2 middle and 2 primary) and none have been as you describe. I'd not have lasted 5 mins in them if they had been.
  6. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    There are heads and deputies posting on here who have a regular teaching commitment and do cover in their schools to enable their staff to have CPD. I doubt if all heads and deputies behave as your bitter rant suggests.
    Again, spoken as someone who's not done the job and doesn't know the responsibilities involved.
    And don't forget the head is one poor OFSTED away from a sacking.

  7. Both deputies I have worked with were/are class based.
  8. OK, I accept that you are feeling a little p*****d off at the moment, but I have to put you straight.
    I am teaching a mixed year 5/6 class 2 days per week at the moment with my deputy.
    Normal? By which you mean? Range is from low L2 to High L4
    Actually no, we differentiate for all and include all.
    If I am demanding this from my staff, how could I possibly 'get away' with this and retain the slightest credibility?
    Give me a ring - try it for a week and you will be off with your tail between your legs!
    I have a post ofsted plan, a single operational plan and normal CPD, organisational requirements. Pointless? I think not. Make it harder? Again, an open invitation to come and see if you can hack it at my school. Thankfully my brilliant, dedicated staff can. Paper for the sake of it - just get real!
    Dream on!
    3 this week already, one so my staff can have some time, one so they can liaise with their TAs (which means me and 150 children and no support). Would you do it?
    I take around an hour to prepare a 20/30 minute assembly beats the news at the moment!
    Yes, 30 years actually in primary middle and secondary - what does your CV look like?
    Maybe that's because LA/OfSTED/Government require this as a measure of the school.

    I usually just let this sort of post wash over me as the rant of a tunnel visioned naive teacher who really doesn't get it but this one is just beyond belief. This exemplifies the total lack of understanding that some class teachers have of the immense and constant pressures experienced by (at least) primary heads and deputies at the moment. Must go now as I have to think of my next cunning plan to make life impossibly hard for my teachers! HT rant over!
  9. Hear, hear Chris Tuff!
  10. skellig1182

    skellig1182 Senior commenter

    I think the OP just wants to rant hence the post title. We all do occassionally. The OP is also talking about their school not every school. The SMT teach in my school which is good but there are plenty of staff out there i,e, sencos and other SMT who give you plenty of advice, things 'to do' and then when they cover your class they need counciling after as they have forgotten how hard it is. There are lots of schools out there with lots of different people, Educational institutions are often a sample of the wider society where you have a mix of good and not so good.. I would recommend finding a different school.
  11. Agreed that the feelings you are experiencing should give you the motivation to look elsewhere - it's not all like that.
    Loved the reply from Chris_Tuff - made me smile. I'm a member of the SLT, a SENCo, hold a core subject and have a full time class too. Sweeping generalisations were always going to get a tough response! I understand your bitterness towards YOUR head and SLT but they are not all like that.
    Good luck.
  12. I am looking for a new job (not teaching) but the way I feel I don't know if I have the motivation for another school, also I'm wishing my life away at the minute, counting down to every holiday, not a nice way to live. I think I'm taking a break from the whole thing! Thanks for your wishes but I really do feel that cynical, I understand primaryz's rants as it's hard when you experience what you do in the institution you do, schools are very isolated, I'm sure there are happy ones too but I just have yet to find one, and whilst I was looking too many bad ones came along! Thanks anyway I did just need to release steam.. especially after a tough week!
  13. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    Agreed, I know everyone needs a rant now and again but there also needs to be some balance too! I'm an assistant Head, SLT, manage 2 core subjects, have responsbility for TAs, 1001 other things and teach year 6 full time apart from one hour a week "management time"-which is usually taken over by sorting out problems or meetings. I do the best I can to shield everyone else from the demands that are placed upon all of us, including the Head, but there is only so much you can do in any system where there is so much external interference. I don't know anyone who produces paperwork just for the hell of it, there is usually a sound reason somewhere, even if it's not instantly clear what!
  14. I handed in my resignation today. My school are being monitored to the nth degree by LA. Paperwork ridiculous, demands on time ridiculous. Mental health very flaky, physical health going downhill. I have a husband and family who never see me. It's only a job. Just let me off this horrible hamster wheel! I want my life back. It's taken me a while to realise that I don't agree with the lunatics that have taken over the education asylum and that I personally don't want to be part of it. You need to be sure that it's not for you before you give up on it completely. A new school might be better for you. Might be worth a try unless, like me, you know that you no longer wish to teach. There are plenty of teachers who can cope with the relentless scrutiny and pressure. I'm not one of them. Maybe you're not either. I have no job to go to, no idea what I'm going to do but I know for certain that I will be HAPPIER!! My evenings will be FREE!! My weekends will be MINE!! Huzzahh!!
  15. mprimaryz

    mprimaryz New commenter

    Woop woop to no paper work and the feeling that you're actually worth something other than copying and pasting and pressing print. Trained monkeys could do that!
  16. Haed and SMT at my school are very similar too. Far too many demands are made on teachers these days and I have to continually remind myself why I came into this job. People suggesting leaving and finding another school offer good suggestions but only if it was that easy. Finding any school to work at is difficult these days and it is even harder to find a good school with a supportive Head and SMT.I do love teaching and planning lessons for my class but it is the constant scrutiny and lack of support which grates me!
  17. breadmaker

    breadmaker New commenter

    Had to join in with this one! I feel like OP- my 20 years teaching experience seem to count for nothing in my current school and I wish, after nearly 2 terms- I had never set eyes on it! When I first started teaching, we learnt the job from SMT who worked ALONGSIDE us- apologies to those who still do and who are SMT- but from my experience of schools in the last 10 years, SMT = cushy non-class based job with small groups that you "come to take when there's not too much of my other work to get done" . I also wish UPS had never come along- I feel it's now used as a stick to beat experienced teachers with as sometimes I get comments like "well, you should have gone for promotion if you wanted to get out of the class, you choose to do UPS instead and that means you've chosen to be in the class so don't moan". Thankfully, some experienced teachers are still in the class- I have come across too many young teachers who have no interest in gaining any proper experience in the class, they just seem hell bent on getting out via an SMT post as they can't manage the workload and don't see why they should. Who told them teaching children was an easy job? We are all, SMT included, paid as teachers, not administrators. Our SMT spend their days with charts looking at children's attainment- none of whom they actually know, or even worse, have any interest in and then come down- usually at dinner-time to avoid any possible contact with children- and tell us we are not working hard enough in the classrooms as their charts are not following the expected curve. Wish I could get out- trouble is after all this time, I can't afford to do anything else and with 2 children now at University, I'm well and truly stuck!! Thanks OP for the opportunity to rant!!!!!!!!!
  18. lucylollipop

    lucylollipop Occasional commenter

    When I first read the OP's post I showed it to my OH who said 'That's you! You must have changed your username,' and then I read Breadmaker's post. I cannot tell you how much your experiences and thoughts / opinions mirror my own. To the other posters who are in schools which they love, with teaching, understanding SMT - you don't know how lucky you are! The constant negativity,pointless data paper activities, scrutinies and 'do it my way' attitude from SMT in my school have ruined the morale and ethos of a once lovely school. I have had enough, and after 22 years I am resigning. This is not the job I signed up for - I am a teacher, not an administrator or data pusher. I am so sad that it makes me cry - our curriculum has been narrowed so much so that Lit and Num are the focus of everything we do. Since we introduced the creative curriculum I have never been less creative! SMT neither know the children nor care about them as individuals - only as on track or not on track targets on paper. Thank God for decent teachers who want to be in the classroom to get on with the job of teaching and encouraging children to love learning!
  19. Well of course SMT and DHT should be the best teacher (s) in the school. If theyre not and you know as a teacher theyre not thats where the resentment comes from, especially when they come to monitor you! I have little respect for people who monitor me as I know day in day out Ima more effective teacher then theyll ever be, who year on year has got results, forged great relationships with pupils, parents and colleagues and sifted the rubbish from above and the stuff which will actually make a real difference to childrens experiences etc
  20. Thanks goodness someone is standing up for deputies. I am a deputy with 4/5 teaching commitment for a Y6 class, am SENCo, Lit leader, data tracker, behaviour, phase leader, alongside deputy duties of monitoring etc. I would never ask anyone to do something which I am not already doing / willing to do myself. I try to make sure that my lessons / books / timekeeping etc are exemplary. Oh and by the way, I rarely get any thanks from anyone.

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