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Need some reassurance about diarrhea in toddlers or advice xx

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by lucchese, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. lucchese

    lucchese New commenter

    I would give him bio live yogurt every day and also probiotics, you can get it in powder form keep in in the fridge and mix it into food or drink. It sounds like it's taking a while for him to get back to normal. Sounds horrid though, hope it clears up soon. x
  2. whistle4it

    whistle4it New commenter

    Oh, you think it could just be lingering? Where do I get those? Thanks so much xx
  3. It can take 6weeks to get stomach bugs out of their systems. Also after an illness they can become lactose/dairy intolerant. I would go back to the GP or call HV.
  4. lucchese

    lucchese New commenter

  5. whistle4it

    whistle4it New commenter

    Done both, got yoghurt, and Dr says it was a nasty illness that hasnt completely disapeared yet. Apparently as long as he hasnt got it every single day its okay. Thanks so much xx
  6. lucchese

    lucchese New commenter

    Hope he gets better soon x
  7. whistle4it

    whistle4it New commenter

    Thanks Luchesse xx

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