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Need some inspiration - moving level 3 writers into level 4

Discussion in 'Primary' started by juliateacher, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. any ideas?
  2. any ideas?
  3. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

    What is it stopping them from moving?
  4. Well I should have mentioned the two level one's - half my next class are SEN.....
  5. SNAP!
  6. You don't say what year your pupils are, if Y2 amazing, if Y6 a different matter.
    I always find pupils respond well to a variety of methods (Government take note, no magic wands, no one off ideas, just good varied teaching) I try using 'talking partners' at the start, after each segment of writing, and just before we finish. Pupils hate others looking at their work, but if they know what they are looking for pupils can inspire one another.
    I also use colouring punctuation as an editing device. Once a half term we colour our work, one colour for full stops, another for capitals etc. We then look to see where pupils work isn't so bright, and with our talking partner try to add one more colour. By the end of the year 6 out of 10 of my Y4's were writing at level 4.
    I also find a good bit of drama helps with the children and myself getting into character. In one piece of report writing I appeared as Beaudicca and a trainee teacher appeared as a Roman legionary. Children had to write about differing viewpoints about the invasion after asking us questions. The work they produced was worth the effort of sitting in a horrid hairy tartan cloak.
    Keep going, it may even be fun! And if they don't make level 4's as long as you have tried, and they have had the opportunity to write and have fun as well as answering test papers you will be a star!
  7. year 6
    have fab curriculum , great lessons, good use of TA, well planned intervention, am leading teacher judged outstanding and going for Ast but just feel I have run out of ideas. Seem to have tried everything.
  8. myrtle

    myrtle Occasional commenter

    Why do you feel you have tried everything? If it's your next class have you taught them already? What you did last year seemed great, why not do that this year as well?
  9. Hi JT!

    We had a big school-wide push on writing & my Y5 class came up with mostly 2a/bs, a sprinkling of 3s and no 4s at all (externally assessed). By May the average improvement was 6 sub-levels (externally assessed on unseen papers) & every child, except the one who joined the school in May, exceeded their target. Some children had improved by 8 & 9 sub-levels. When they moved to Y6 they achieved similar levels in their SATs.

    I?m happy to share ideas with you.

  10. Sal think wed all love to hear how you achieved this- please share
  11. Yes Sal... Please share your majic with us lesser mortals!!! :) Im Yr 5... I'd say half of new class are at least 2 sub levels of the expected targets... im really going to work on improving their writing this year... any advice would be much appreciated :)
  12. I'll third that request! Help me SAL!
  13. Barley - the Read between the lines looks really well planned - do you think I could use it with my M/HA year 4s? (currently level 3s) Did you do it continuously or in odd sessions?

    Sal - we'd all like to know what you did! Please share!

    giggle. xx
  14. There were lots of strands to this (rather than one quick fix) & we borrowed, then adapted ideas from Ros Wilson & stuff we'd heard about in other schools, as well as throwing our own ideas into the pot.

    All the teachers 'owned' the changes, because everyone chipped in ideas to develop the approach. Everyone 'signed up' for the three ladders we developed but each year group was left to decide how they moved children on eg. if they wanted to introduce Big Writing they could, if they didn't want to then that was ok too.

    If anyone wants the details you can email for the ladders, how these worked & some of the other stuff we did.

  15. You all have mail!
  16. talulabell

    talulabell New commenter

  17. You have mail. Working through all the others as quickly as I can.

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