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Need some advice...horrendous course and decisions from Uni

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by littleme28, May 31, 2020.

  1. littleme28

    littleme28 New commenter

    Hello All

    I'm posting under a different name.
    Looking for some advice. After many miserable months on what can only be described as a diabolic course with very bad lectures, poor decisions, total lack of clarity, mind games and manipulation, I I feel I am on my way to failing my PGCE with only one month to go.

    Luckily, I had no issues with my placement schools, only with the University and their dire unprofessionalism. This has affected my mental health quite badly. I know others on my course have felt the same and have agreed it's been a ****show from day one.

    I was wondering if anybody knew of the complaints procedure with these things? I can't say too much because I feel I would give the game away with which Uni I was referring to, but let's just say this Uni is in partnership with another Uni and everything comes directly from the other Uni.

    Just to give you an example of one of the things that has happened : A student on our course was advised to self-isolate as they were showing signs of COVID. Our course lead knew about this, yet failed to inform us and still let us come into Uni risking our lives in the process. That is just one of many incidences that has happened this year.

    I would appreciate any advise anyone can give because I don't know how much longer I can put up with the mind games from this Uni. Thank you.
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  2. Mr-Mathematics

    Mr-Mathematics New commenter

    My advice is don't complain. It will make your life hell. Get the damn certificate and move on.
    Don't let the games get to you. Raise above and hold your fire, vent your anger somewhere else like a video game to keep your sanity. PGCE is a hard course and people easily get on your nerves, the key is to don't act unless you actually will be failed unfairly.

    My own situation was similar but worse. I studied in the second-best uni in London for education (No name given and open to interpretation). Both of my placements were absolutely fantastic, got great feedback, and got a great job. But the head of my PGCE subject constantly bullied me. She told me twice to my face "My problem with you is, sInce you studied abroad I don't think you understand English kids ". She never observed me teach, despite me getting great feedback in placement schools. She also said many similar things and in any course lecture discussion would always shut me up. It got to the point other trainees observed the bullying and were asking what happened. I did nothing because I know complaining will make my life hell.

    The truth is they have the power and you don't. Teaching is a profession where qualification is based on qualitative measures rather than quantitative, it is all about the judgement they make about you. Unless they will absolutely fail you, hold your horses and get the certificate and move on. It is not worth complaining and they could be more vindictive and scrutinise your evidence more thoroughly. For example, the same feedback that is deemed sufficient for one trainee might not be deemed sufficient for you.

    It is very hard for them to fail if your PPR2 from second placement is a pass. You have put a lot of energy and put up with **** for the last 9 months and it is one more to go. Wait it out.

    No doubt, there will be many who will respond soon saying complain to highest authority etc, Don't be a martyr. Some others will blame you saying you are wrong, don't engage them.

    Work Hard it is 30 days max. You will get through this.
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  3. rolls

    rolls Occasional commenter

    Get advice from the NUS (National Union of Students) they can support you through the complaint procedures.
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  4. yorker27

    yorker27 New commenter

    Sorry to hear you are having to deal with this. With one month to go, I would just take the higher ground get your certificate and hopefully you'll never had to deal with them!

    I am actually astonished at the treatment of some PGCE students by University and placement schools/staff.
  5. littleme28

    littleme28 New commenter

    I have my exit Interview today and then I will find out tomorrow if I will be recommended. I have a strong feeling I will be, but luckily I have my Union on my side if things go wrong. They have been fantastic to be fair. I've just found out that our 'course lead' has lied to us once again...so sad the manipulation and mind games that she has played all year. Getting us in such a state thinking we are going to fail, but not providing any actual information for what happens if we do.

    i think I may go and lie down in a field somewhere and just breathe...
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