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Need help vetting some geography trivia questions

Discussion in 'Geography' started by aswarola8, Sep 22, 2020.

  1. aswarola8

    aswarola8 New commenter

    I'm making a few geography questions for a trivia event we're doing at my high school. I really love geography and I was a bit worried the questions might be too hard, so I tried to make them at least possible for most people. The event is for students in an advanced classes program, so they should be able to handle some hard questions. Here they are (and I know they're not technically questions):

    1. Zaire was the name of this large African nation until 1997.

    2. This central Asian body of water has been steadily shrinking in size since the 1960s.

    3. This island territory, also called the Malvinas, are claimed by both Argentina and the United Kingdom.

    4. This city, along with Sucre, is one of the capital cities of Bolivia. It is also the highest altitude capital in the world.

    5. This National Park in California is home to the lowest point in North America.
    Let me know what you think!
  2. aswarola8

    aswarola8 New commenter

    issue gt solved

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