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Need help energising a completely dead class!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by amarantine, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. amarantine

    amarantine New commenter

    I know most of the time people are asking for advice on how to keep chatty classes quiet. Here I'm after the complete opposite! I can't stand a silent classroom unless I've specifically asked for it, which happens very rarely. Most of my groups are fairly chatty but are able to be quiet when they need to be, but I have one year nine group who are totally the other way around. I am convinced that I could take my clothes off and dance around my classroom in my underwear and they wouldn't notice (not that I would do that, of course!), and if they did, they wouldn't react. I am DESPERATE for a solution to this - anyone have any tricks for energising them? They rarely (if ever) participate in discussion, won't volunteer for anything and just sit there. I can't even tell if their brains are even switched on most of the time. Seriously in need of help - suggestions please?
  2. Bring some food goodies in a topic or themed linked approach. French theme; bring in some crossants and hot chocolate, play some music, maybe explore different types of bread, bread stick, french bread ect... bring in an assortment of toppings and butter, knives, napkins. play themed music. have some banners/ bunting running across the classroom. small fun quiz on white board. play bingo or word bingo with a small prize for the winner, funsize bags are great.

    Hope this helps

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