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Need Help developing a phonetics teaching set. Please Read

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by Ruth_Abbott, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Hello
    May I start this post by saying two things, least anyone gets to the end and feels deceived. Firstly I am not a teacher and secondly this is not a sales pitch of any kind but a genuine request for help from the people who I think are going to know the answers.
    To explain, I work in a company which manufactures letters. I am heavily dyslexic so this is slightly ironic, however my boss and 3 of his 4 children are also dyslexic so it is considered a bit of a joke. My Boss' son lately brought home some phonics to help him with his reading and I got into a discussion about the use of phonics and its potential to taught in a multisensory way. I had heard of phonics as 3 years ago my friendship group was made exclusively out of PGCE English teachers but as they were aiming for secondary schools the talk centred more on differentiation and discipline than the technicalities of teaching children to read. Long story short I was wanting to make some phonic learning aids and already have a few schools and special needs units interested but I have some questions. I want to make something that is relevant and actually useful. I remember a lot of complaints from my friends that some resources seemed to be produced by individuals who didn't actually bother to do market research and I didn't want to be one of them! So;

    1) There seems to be several systems in place, Jolly Phonics, Thrass and Words & Sounds. Am I correct in thinking that Word and Sounds is the department of education's system and that Thrass and Jolly phonics are just ‘brands' with their own teaching resources? Are the phonic systems contained within the three the same and it's just different packaging? With so much information out there it's actually pretty hard to work this out.
    2) Would you prefer resources in Comic Sans or Sassoon Infant (such a petty point but good to know!)
    3) I was thinking of making the grapheme's (hope that's the right word) vowels and constantans a different colour. Would that work for you?
    4) And lastly, the most stupid question of them all: I was thinking of making a list of commonly misspelt words and homophones that could be split up into their phenomes but, well, I can't actually work out how to split words. There are words in which two letters might be next to each other but are not vocalised using the typical noise. Are these the so called ‘tricky words' that I keep seeing mentioned? If so I will not attempt to split them.

    I would love to talk to some teachers about my ideas to make sure that I produce something worthwhile but alas I can't even talk to my old English teacher friends (acrimonious split - long story). I understand if I do not get a response to this post but I really hope someone will help me out.

    Kindest Regards
    Ruth Abbott

  2. My advice- don't bother. The market is completely saturated with products like this. Look at some-look at Smart Kids/LDA etc. Certainly don't bother if you have such a shaky idea of phonics as you show in your post.

  3. crusell

    crusell New commenter

    I set up a website concentrating on phonics, there's some flashcards in word format and I've just started building some interactive flash games.It might give you some ideas, however there's so much out there!

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