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Need guidance .

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by poojakv, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. poojakv

    poojakv New commenter

    I have currently moved to London and looking for a job in the teaching field.I have been a Primary Teacher with an experience of 4 years in India.I have completed my Masters in Microbiology and a Bachelors in Education as well from India.However,I needed you valuable guidance to ask and clarify a few doubts regarding the job:
    a) Will the work experience be considered if I apply for the teaching positions here?
    b)Is it necessary that I have to do the bridge course to get into teaching?
    c)Can I directly approach the schools with my updated CV for the positions of Teaching Assistant / Teachers?

    Looking forward for a helpful response.

    Pooja V.
  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    Good morning Pooja. I hope that you are not finding life in London too cold after your life in lovely India!

    Firstly and most importantly - do you have permission to work in the UK? Unless you do, you cannot apply for any jobs. :(

    For applying for a TA post, you may apply directly to any school that is advertising a vacancy, IF you have permission to work in the UK.

    For teaching jobs, you need to read this:

    Teachers from abroad looking for jobs in England

    I hope that is helpful!

    Best wishes

  3. poojakv

    poojakv New commenter

    Hello TheoGriff,
    Apologies for late reply! Life in London is surely very cold and foreign in many terms!!! But I am getting used to the change :) I had got busy in the house works since we have recently moved.Firstly,I do have the permission to work in the UK.I am accompanying my partner as a "Tier 2 Dependant Visa holder" and the Biometric issued states "Work permitted".The National Insurance Number is in process.What I observed,
    a) Most of the schools ask for an online application form rather than applying directly with C.V. copy or mailing for the Teaching Assistant position.My querry is,do not hold ny degree from the UK,how do I fill up those details,which are required in the form??
    b) I was also given a suggestion to do some volunteering work with schools so that I get an idea how do the schools function here or atleast the basic working of schools,rules,curriculum..etc.Is it possible to approach schools with this idea as a Volunteer?
    c)Can you please also help me with the concept of 'Supply Teacher' in London?

    I would also like to thankyou for the warm wishes and immediate response to my doubts asked before.Thankyou again..!!
  4. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    Q1 You will just put the name of the university where you studied for your degree

    Q2 Yes, certainly

    Q3 A Supply teacher is someone who is employed by an agency, and if there is a school that needs a teacher for just one day, or a few days (perhaps because a teacher is ill), then the agencies "supplies" a teacher. You will need QTS in order to be accepted by a supply agency.

    Best wishes

    poojakv likes this.
  5. poojakv

    poojakv New commenter

    Thankyou so muchh.... :))) It's such a relief to get atleast one positive feedback in a day..!!
    Thanks again!
  6. poojakv

    poojakv New commenter

    Hello TheoGriff,
    I have started applying in different Primary Schools for the position of Teaching Assistant.I also tried applying for volunteerin positions so that I would get some taste about the teaching process in London.Bt no positive response from anywhere.

    Are the recruitment agencies of help for applying in schools?If yes ,can you help me in getting the names of trusted recruitment agencies .

    Thanks and Regards!
    Pooja V
  7. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    Sometimes, but as they charge schools quite a lot of money, they are a last resort very often.

    Sorry, no, we cannot ever mention individual agencies, schools or institutions to either recommend or warn against them.

    Best wishes

  8. poojakv

    poojakv New commenter

    Hello TheoGriff..I applied in schools as per the requirements posted on the Wordsworth Council Jobs website.Yesterday (23/03/16) I also got an opportunity to attend an interview in a Primary School for the post of Learning Support Assistant.It went well ; the personal interview , writing test , lesson planning and observation.All went well. But the same afternoon I got call from the school saying that I wasn't selected due to lack of UK experience.I was really sad , as it was officially my first interview in London and I had really prepared well :(
    To get an experience in schools in London , I am ready for Voluntary work in the schools.How do I apply for it?Will it be OK if I just mail the school and forward my CV to them or do I have to personally go and look out for it?I am not sure how well the school will take the personal prefernce ,. Please help me with this.



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