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Need an extra 60 credits to top up an Ordinary degree.

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by KarisMata, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. There was a similar scheme for people such as yourself called the Registered Teacher Programme (RTP) but I'm not sure if it still exists. To do that you only needed to have 240 credits and (like the GTP) were employed as an unqualified teacher whilst training. Perhaps you could check with the TDA to see if it is still running - though numbers were always much lower than the GTP.
    I really don't think you will get onto a GTP without an honours degree. Perhaps you could get additional credits through the OU?
  2. Yes, it will be the same for all GTP courses. I am doing RTP as it enabled me to finish my degree (with the OU - now done) whilst beginning my teacher training. You do still have to have an honours degree to get QTS, so can't finish until this is achieved. You can complete it in anything from 1 year + 1 term to 2 years.
    I also live in the East Midlands and am studying at Newman in Birmingham, I think their closing date for next year is passed, although I phoned up about this when I applied and they let me apply late.
    I assume you need a school to support your application - I had to be observed by the Head and send in her feedback as a reference.
  3. I'm in a similar situation - having spoken to the Open University, they were able to offer a course which would gain me 60 credits in addition to my ordinary degree (which I think would add up to a 2:1), but depending on your subject they can probably offer more (mine was music and therefore options were limited).

    I think the deal is that if a candidate for GTP only has an ordinary degree then the institution won't receive financial support, and given the high demand and likelihood of them receiving lots of applications who would be govt funded, it seems unlikely they'd offer a place on those terms even if it is technically possible.

    For my money it seems crazy to me to only offer GTP to people with a minumum requirement based on something, in many if not the majority of cases, they did years ago. A person could have gained significant teaching experience in the interim and might well be a better candidate in reality, but they'd still be turned down based on their degree class. I know they need to have a simple system that works for everyone but it seems like they're closing the door on lots of people who might make good teachers.

    You do know there's a fast track scheme for people who've served in the forces don't you?

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