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Need advice: Teaching in Germany for non EU teachers

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by edak, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. edak

    edak New commenter

    I have 4 year bachelor's degree in music, in addition IB PYP educator certificates. I have qualified teacher status in Turkey. Over ten years of experience in International Schools now looking for a job in Germany to move in with my boyfriend. Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated from other teachers who has gone through a similar process. Thank you!
  2. mk_sh_de

    mk_sh_de New commenter


    Even if you were a qualified EU teacher getting a job in a German state school long term is a very tough process, most German qualified teachers are civil servants and therefore employed for life. The process to get one of these jobs as a non German is very difficult, first the '''anerkennung" or recognition of your qualifications in relation to German ones, plus a language test as approx c2 level, then various other hurdles. You can inquire about this process in the education offices of the Bundesland you will live in, all of them have slightly different rules.

    I abandoned the process after the recognition phase because I found a long term job in a private school, so this may be a better option for you. I'm not sure how it works with you being a Turkish qualified teacher, but Germany has a high Turkish population and so I am sure this situation is not unheard of there. My advice to you would be to ask your (German speaking??) boyfriend to make some initial inquiries for you at the education offices, or call some private schools and see what they say. Maybe you could do some private music teaching to start you off?

    Good luck!
  3. Jessaki

    Jessaki Occasional commenter

    I am assuming you are looking for a job in an international school, as you have IB PYP experience? States schools are pretty much out of the question, but there are a good number of international schools. My school is excellent. There are some I would stay clear off, but there are others which are also good. It depends where in Germany you are looking?

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