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Need advice please. Thinking of returning to teaching after ~2 year break for career change.

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by Ashleystar, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. Ashleystar

    Ashleystar New commenter

    Hi everyone,
    Well, in 2017 after 7 years of teaching, I decided for real that I had definitely had enough. I was burnt out, stuck in a terrible school (failing, awful SMT, violent behaviour from students, no support, no resources...about to become an academy...you know the sort), and I just needed to get out. I had reached the level of subject leader/Co-ordinator, but I couldn’t make the positive changes due to the management issues and internal staffing. It was a shame as I had all the best intentions for my department and the students. So I handed in my notice and got a job ready for as soon as I became free. I went into Sales, and it looked promising and has been fairly positive, but at a huge (£8-10k) detriment to my salary so far. I was prepared for this as I had some savings, but I now resent this because I sit in the office feeling stifled, lacking ambition, and generally hating what I’m doing. I’ve recently started craving the life I once had, albeit a better version!

    I guess I just really need to know whether it’s worth coming back to teaching. I hear so much from my teacher friends and family, who tell me how tough it still is, the planning, marking, intense scrutiny etc... I just can’t help but think if I got into a decent school, maybe I’d be happier. I need better security than I’m currently getting, and I just want to feel like I’m actually doing something worthwhile. I’m not really a natural salesperson (as in, I care more about people than making money), but I do believe and have been told I’m a natural teacher. I don’t know if I’m just considering going back to something familiar rather than trying something else new, or even doing my best to succeed in my current job (I don’t think it’ll work out for me).

    If I do try to get back into teaching, how might I do this? Has anybody here successfully done this? How did you justify your career change? How did you top up your knowledge for the classroom?

    All suggestions and advice welcomed! Thank you everyone!
  2. install

    install Star commenter

    Try Supply or a p/t post maybe first - allowing yourself an escape route in case you see that things are still not right for you :cool:
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  3. Ashleystar

    Ashleystar New commenter

    Thank you. Yes I was considering signing up to some agencies and seeing what was on offer and also how it made me feel now. I teach MFL and there seems to be a need for languages teachers right now from what I can tell.
  4. dunnocks

    dunnocks Star commenter

    you are not happy in your job, so start looking for another one.

    Keep an open mind, look around, try the charity section maybe, or just see what is out there.

    I did this, and ended up back in teaching, after a three year break.

    the important thing is to take your time, look around at everything, teaching and non teaching, and only apply for jobs that you really want.

    It easy to walk straight back into teaching, schools are desperate, but you may prefer to look for a less desperate one!
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  5. mothorchid

    mothorchid Star commenter

    Just because sales work hasn't been right, that doesn't mean you have to return to teaching. What else might you do? Keep an open mind.
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  6. Ashleystar

    Ashleystar New commenter

    Thank you for your reply. Yes, I have actually been looking at the charity sector. The problem is, in every non-education sector, the salaries are so low unless you have experience already! I think I will get overlooked for certain positions because of this. I’ve not applied for that many so far, and I know it takes time, but it is frustrating.

    I’m really fed up in my current job and have been looking seriously since October. I don’t think that returning to teaching will solve all my problems though, and I am trying to keep things in perspective. Thank you
  7. Ashleystar

    Ashleystar New commenter

    That’s true. Perhaps I’m just seeking the comfort of familiarity! I feel really out of place in my current job, as the company has changed a lot recently, and I’ve expressed my interest in progressing to management (which looked likely at first) but they keep putting more and more hurdles in place for me, so it’s clear to me that I’m wasting my time. I’ll see what’s out there... Thank you
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  8. lisairene

    lisairene New commenter

    I did something similar, I'm now back supply teaching. I really enjoy interacting with the students and my subject area but behaviour can be extremely challenging as supply and support is so variable. Also the treatment by some staff to supply teachers can be very poor, almost as if you're not worth investing in as you'll be gone tomorrow anyway.... I've had to build a thick skin as a supply teacher. Look at part time permanent posts as a main scale teacher, you may find the salary is similar to other sectors, depending on your pay scale, and the workload is doable if you're prepared to commit some time on days off. Good luck.
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  9. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    Having seen the grass isn't greener you might find yourself able to cope better with the pressures of teaching. Not exactly the same but I had eight years out to have my family and returned with a completely different attitude and the salary really helped. It meant I was prepared to put up with incredible c r a p and maybe I shouldn't have done that, but the money was very important to me. Looking back from retirement I'm glad I've got the good pension. I did have some good times too.
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  10. Ashleystar

    Ashleystar New commenter

    I definitely feel ready and refreshed after a break from teaching. I think the key (for me, anyway) is finding the right school. I’ve decided to go on supply in the new year and work at getting a permanent position, learn plenty, change key stages and remind myself of why I became a teacher in the first place! For too long o was stuck in a terrible school, treated very badly, and I lost faith in the whole system. However, I am now able to accept that it’s not going to be that way everywhere, and I feel like my experience in a different sector has renewed my love of teaching - to put it politely! Thank you for the advice!
  11. Ashleystar

    Ashleystar New commenter

    Yes I know what you mean about the poor treatment of supply teachers! I’m going to sign up at some agencies and see what happens... I want to move to KS2 as I think I’m done with secondary teaching. The break has certainly brought some clarity to my situation. Will also look at PT positions. Thank you!
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