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Need advice on summer language school for 16 y.o. student

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by VaniliaGirl, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Hi there!
    I would be grateful for any suggestion. The student would like to spend two to three weeks in France. I guess a family stay would be best. Do you know of any serious and reputable company that organises that kind of stay?

  2. Hi - I work at a Waldorf school in Germany. They teach both French and English all the way through and are often looking for similar exchange possibilities. Why not post a personal profile to a few waldorf schools in France and see what comes up? Alternatively, try ours:
    Waldorfschule Offenburg
    No guarantees but we live so close to France half our teachers come from there let alone the students ...
  3. I myself am looking for motivated teachers who would pass on some letters my year 9 students have written. The idea was that once initial contact was set up (via me), they themselves carry it forward through facebook or by post but all my attempts have been a real downer so far ...
    Is there no-one willing just to pass on my scanned letters to their class? Five minutes of classroom time. Come on, I'm not asking the world and whether they write in English, German or French is not our problem. They take it from there.
  4. Hi qualitywork,
    Thanks for that but this particular student is looking for a course really not an exchange.

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