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Need Advice ....don't know where to turn ...

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by hazelhappy12, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. hazelhappy12

    hazelhappy12 New commenter

    Hi I am a teaching assistant and need advice as I don't know what to do ...I have been working as a supply teaching assistant for a few years and have lots of positives experiences and had brilliant feed back ...
    I got a job in a school last year and was there for 3 weeks and had to go on sick due to having a had breast cancer in 2011 has it had returned , they did know of illness prior...any way I resigned shortly after , so when applied for a new position ..which was done on line I submitted a separate sheet outlining that I had worked there and why I hadnt put them as reference due to not being there long ...well i got this job my references were great ..but two weeks in I was called in to headteachers office and she said that it had come to her attention I had worked at another school ...to cut along story short this document wasn't there with application form ..I was suspended for GM ..Im devastated ..its now gone for dismissal as they believe I was misleading ...this wasn't the case at all .. at the end of the day its the same bloody company .I am so scared as I have worked so hard and its now going to affect my work ...the lady from HR said you will not work for Sheffield again ...
    does anyone know what i can do ...Im not in a union ...and have spoken to Acass but still feel worried what the future might hold ...can I work again
  2. Morninglover

    Morninglover Star commenter

    You need expert advice I'm afraid, and if not in a Union maybe try Citizen's' Advice or look for a solicitor who specialises in employment law.

    NB Try to get evidence of the threat 'You'll never work in ....again" - not sure that sounds legal....
  3. hazelhappy12

    hazelhappy12 New commenter

    I have spoken to CAB who have said as I have only been there 2 weeks ..an employer should be able to make a judgement them self's. .she's a bit of a dragon the woman from HR ..she told me they were going to dismiss me before I had got a dismissal date ...she shouldn't have even said that to me ..I have noted all she said and I am putting it in my statement .
  4. GLsghost

    GLsghost Star commenter

    I am sorry you've had this experience, on top of your health concerns.

    What the person you spoke to from CAB may not have realised is that those working in schools have a particular duty to disclose all employment, with no gaps, for safe-guarding reasons. The people who first answer the phones at CAB are good, but essentially triage - they are not necessarily employment specialists.

    The deliberate withholding of such information may, indeed, amount to gross misconduct.

    You can go back to CAB and ask for an appointment with an employment specialist. In my area (unfortunately miles from Sheffield) we can offer free representation at disciplinary meetings / hearings (and a recent decision makes it more difficult for an employer to refuse our presence, although we do not fit the 'trade union' or 'colleague' criteria). However, I cannot promise that representation is available in your area - it will vary, I am afraid.

    It is at least arguable (and I would be arguing strongly) that there was no intent to withhold the information from the current employer- just an honest mistake.

    Can you evidence the fact that you submitted details of the other post under separate cover e.g. as an email attachment?
  5. hazelhappy12

    hazelhappy12 New commenter

    Thank you for your reply. .I am just in shock really that this has happened they have put down in their statement that they believe that I didn't send this and that it was because they thought I wouldn't be employed by them if they were to find out about my time off .which is rubbish it's the same council it would be clear to see I had worked there ..I am going to fight this but I feel so hurt by this and I feel as if they have tainted the job I love doing ..it was a genuine error and a very old laptop .

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