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Need a bit of reassurance...

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by goosey200, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. goosey200

    goosey200 New commenter

    Four years ago I worked in South East Asis for two years, teaching Primary. When I returned to the UK I was really looking forward to getting back into teaching here and having my own class again. BUT two years later I'm still supply teaching (which I HATE!) with not a whiff of a job. I been so miserable that I decided it was now a choice of go abroad again or leaving the teaching world completely. I've been offered a job teaching in Singapore starting in January.
    I'm more excited about the prospect than I've been about anything in the last year or so but also a bit nervous. I AM doing the right thing aren't I?! I suppose I'm just looking for some reassurance and reminders of how good living abroad really is!! Thank you
  2. Singapore is a fantastic location, a buzzy city with some great restaurants and plenty to do- lots of sport, increasingly cultural events too- and you're well placed for weekend trips around the region. Langkawi, Thailand, Borneo... I taught at the school you're going to about 10 years ago, and know someone who was there very recently. The children are lovely and colleagues great. Management can be a little eccentric, you'll wonder when you read some of the clauses in your contract! Makes for a close knit and supportive staff though. Take as many resources as you can with you. The school pays reliably and helps find decent accommodation. Enjoy Singapore!

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