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nearly failed FIRST Placement

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by noma0907, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. <font size="2">Dear James,</font>
    i m in an awkward situation at the moment. I am about to fail to
    get failed my PGCE course. I have started not very well the course, wasn't very much &ldquo;appreciative&rdquo;
    towards my uni and mentor at school placement (that sounded very subjective to
    me when they give me unsat for first paper, but fine I ll get on with that). I
    was given "at risk paper" and working on my targets, successfully so
    far.But now and then I ve been reminded that it's better to withdraw,
    because I am about to fail and never be able to teach in this country again.My tutor is determined to scare me and pushing to withdraw,
    because according to my tutor's opinion I&rsquo;m neither good at teaching or no with
    colleagues/peers. I have already a QTS from different country (overseas) and uni
    knows about it and trying to push me, because my teaching skills are not
    appropriate in THIS country. And I won't be able to change, improve or work on
    them, because of time left to the end of 1st placement.
    <font size="2">They "kindly" insist to go and search somewhere else
    with my skills and don&rsquo;t be bothered with this course.</font><font size="2">So I want to prove them wrong, so I don't want to withdraw, I am
    happy to work on my targets and improve. And partly because of money matters, I
    just can&rsquo;t afford to pay off the fees without SF support,</font>
    <font size="2">My question is..
    If I go all the way downhill, will I be able still to teach in UK as supply
    teacher for example or it&rsquo;s all finished for me?</font>

    Thank you

  2. Without QTS you can only work as unqualified teacher or instructor in the state system, but can teach in private sector if you can find a job. It's getting more difficult to do supply without QTS because of abundance of people with QTS doing supply to keep them going while unable to secure a permanent post.
    As for what you should do now, it's up to you. If the only reason for staying on is to prove your tutor and mentor wrong, that's not a very good reason to stay - you really must want to become a qualified teacher and be willing to go to any length to achieve it, even if it means swallowing your pride, eat humble pie and do as you are told. So often, people with teaching experience get unstuck on PGCE etc because they don't fit in or expectation is so diffierent, as are teaching methods and pupil attitudes. Also it's difficult to 'undo' your teaching skills to fit in with a typical British class, and this often shows up as inability to be trained or take instructions.
    Failing PGCE doesn't mean the end of your dream of becoming a qualified teacher. You can go on OTTP to gain QTS (though finding a school will be difficult). You can do GTP or even another PGCE if the provider is willing to give you a chance.

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