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NCT classes?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by LittleMissCurious, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Posted on pregnancy too, but thought I'd ask here....
    Would you recommend these? If so, would you say the most local is best (that would mean giving up my choir for a whole term as they clash) or would one further away be OK?? (Even the "closest" isn't that close!!!)
  2. Posted on pregnancy too, but thought I'd ask here....
    Would you recommend these? If so, would you say the most local is best (that would mean giving up my choir for a whole term as they clash) or would one further away be OK?? (Even the "closest" isn't that close!!!)
  3. Keep Smiling!

    Keep Smiling! New commenter

    I looked into the NCT ones but decided to go to our local NHS ones (to save some money!) instead. I made 2 really good friends with people I met there who I still see now (8 months later). I think it's hard to know because it all depends on who goes to the class and whether you 'click' with anyone there and that could happen at NHS ones or NCT ones. Maybe consider when they start (does one start sooner/later than the other) and where they're both located? Do you have the money to spare? I don't think there is a right answer, just what you prefer!
  4. Congratulations LMC, I was so pleased to read about your pregnancy. I think your due date is nearly exactly the same as mine last year (I was due on the 3rd August but gave birth on the 9th).
    Anyway, I would definitely recommend NCT classes. We went to my local which was luckily only a mile or so away! We met some lovely people and I regularly meet up with two ladies and their gorgeous little girls. It's great because our babies are all within a week of each other so you go through the journey of pregnancy and babies together. I learnt quite a bit about childbirth and we really enjoyed the sessions. It sort of made the pregnancy seem a little more real too.
    In terms of location, for me it was great it was so near as the women I see are within an 8 mile radius. I suppose it just depends on how far you are willing to travel if you want to keep contact with them afterwards. I don't think it matters when you are pregnant but just think about whether you would like contact after and how you'd feel about travelling to meet up.
    Congrats again and love to you and bump x
  5. I relocated when I was 36 weeks preg with LO so couldn't get on a class in my new location with the NCT. I didn't meet any friends at the NHS class (was a 1 day thing with no 'social' time which was a shame - they should have given a couple of long coffee breaks!). But I never missed the social aspect of NCT because our local surestart centre is active and the 'breastfeeding cafe' (a support and social group at local hospital, ostensibly for BF support but also great social thing) meant I met loads of people early on and am still friends with them now (LO 25 months and bump 38 weeks!).
    So the NCT classes can be great by all accounts, but there are also other ways of ensuring you meet people with similiar age babies locally to you
  6. I looked at the NCT classes but they were expensive and not on a great times for me. I did my local NHS ones and met a lovely bunch of people that all live within a couple of miles of me. I'm glad now that I didn't bother and saved the money. Worked out really well for me. Best of luck.
  7. I didn't bother with any antenatal classes at all, with either of my pregnancies. I'm now pregnant again and won't be bothering this time either. I found that I made some good friends at thevarious places I went with the babies, so with dd1 I went to a post-natal exercise class, then with dd2 I went to the bf group at the sure start centre. We also did baby massage classes. I didn't really ahve time while pregnant as I was working full time and the classes weren't on at good times, but once I was on maternity leave I had plenty of time to fill so went to everything I could find.
  8. I did them and was really glad I did - met a fab bunch of people and we still meet up most months for drinks. From a different point of view, my OH was very glad we did them as he got to meet other Dads in the same situation and they all meet up regularly as well. I think it depends on what else is on offer in your area and it might be worth having a look around to see what is available. Some sure start centres for example are much better than others - I think it very much depends on their "catchment" I went to a NCT run group for Mums, bumps, and babies under 6 months once I started maternity leave which was great and a good start as there were people who hadn't done the NCT courses and they just found people either with bumps or babies at a similar age and it went on from there.
  9. Thanks for all your replies. The two classes I'm looking at are each located aout 11 or so miles from where I live, so not that "local", but one covers the area around the hospital I'll be using (and that's the one that clashes!)

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