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NCFE V Certs Level 2 Craft

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by alliray, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. gregsymes

    gregsymes New commenter

    The creative craft course seemed better to me but that's been pulled too.
    I'm currently running the craft course but no ideas how!
    Also what I'm I going to do with my year 9's?????
    Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. Worldsbestmum

    Worldsbestmum New commenter

    I have just found that on the NCFE website they have removed the material/resources for NCFE Level 2 Craft 601/0043/6.
    So anyone looking to sit the final assessment and need to look at sample portfolios and past papers can not do so.
    Email service@ncfe.org.uk to raise your concerns
  3. Worldsbestmum

    Worldsbestmum New commenter

  4. Worldsbestmum

    Worldsbestmum New commenter

  5. Worldsbestmum

    Worldsbestmum New commenter

  6. Worldsbestmum

    Worldsbestmum New commenter

    Do you have copies of the past papers, mark schemes and examiners comments going back the last few years.
    NCFE have pulled all resources from their website.
  7. Worldsbestmum

    Worldsbestmum New commenter

    Found out how to get the past papers, marks schemes and examiners comments for NCFE Level 2 Craft.
    You can find these on the NCFE website, shown in the screenshots below:


    Then on the right of the page you’ll see this box containing file 1 and file 2.

  8. bubbalicious

    bubbalicious New commenter

    Is this course still running? Is it a good course to do?
  9. mattalexander

    mattalexander New commenter

    It has sadly been withdrawn, member of our dept was looking for something alternative to GCSE D&T and this would've been perfect.

    I am looking at the NCFE Graphic Design course, but be aware that a pupil cannot run this course as well as art.

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