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NCFE V Certs Level 2 Craft

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by alliray, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. alliray

    alliray New commenter

    I've come to the conclusion that this is my only option now that the Technical Awards in Material Technology have not been approved. Its so disappointing that we are 3 weeks in and I am have restart all my planning, is anyone else going to run this course?
    Having just read through part of the spec its going to take a while for me to get my head round it. They have been very helpful on the phone but I'm feeling very daunted by it all and under a fair bit of pressure.
  2. tcelement

    tcelement New commenter

    I think this is what I'm going for for my department, not ideal but the closest I could find that ticks the boxes I want and counts towards figures
  3. veronicaflavell

    veronicaflavell New commenter

    I'm doing the same; the Level 2 Craft is the only option. I read through the spec and I agree, it takes some time to understand it. On one reading I think ... Unit 1 and 2 are year 10 (but they follow a released Internal task which can be adapted to the teacher theme) the year 11 its Unit 3 (the research and planning part) externally assessed and the Unit 4, final folder and craft product.
  4. veronicaflavell

    veronicaflavell New commenter

    And; NO exam!
  5. nej23

    nej23 New commenter

    We are doing the L2 Craft and I'm on the hunt looking for some support as no one in the department has ran it before.
    I am working thought the external task that was sent thought. Fun, Delight, Surprise... has anyone got an example of what is required for each task??

    Even better if anyone knows of training that I could attend.

    I am taking it and teaching it from the stand point of the RM/GP coursework.. just watered down a little more.

    Any help would be wonderful.

    Thank you
  6. GraficGeek

    GraficGeek New commenter

    V Certs...Can't believe it's come to this really
  7. alliray

    alliray New commenter

    I found the craft just mind boggling, how on earth was I going to be able to set that up and teach, mark, plan other lessons. looked into VCerts Level 2 Engineering studies. There is loads more resources on the system and some you can buy on Tes which are really good. I also contacted a school in Beverley who were really, really helpful.
    The kids (all Boys) love the fact they are doing Engineering. I was a little concerned as I only have basic workshop equipment and knowledge for that matter but so far so good.
    I am thinking that next year rather than switching to Technical Awards as I have put the work in to develop what I have, of continuing the course. It does of course depend on what the powers that be say....
    If anyone else want to share resources very happy too.
  8. knitharris

    knitharris New commenter

    I love this course because it can be whatever you want, watered down GCSE or an amazing chance for a bit of freedom. If anyone seriously wants help- please contact me. I have been delivering it for the last three years and am getting good results even from the lower ability students. If you are finding it hard it is probably because you are still in GCSE mindset, if you have taught BTec you will find it easier. We deliver it across Art/ DT with very limited resources.
    mholty and hasinaakther like this.
  9. sean_williams2

    sean_williams2 New commenter

  10. sean_williams2

    sean_williams2 New commenter

    Hi,we really need some help with this as we are just starting. Your help would really be appreciated. Please contact me on wsean75@gmail.com.
    Sean Williams.
  11. melicious

    melicious New commenter

    I have just completed unit one? I am now in the process of marking the projects, I would appreciate any ideas for projects that you have found successful the group I teach are very low ability, so it is difficult to know what projects to complete as there is no real guidance with the course, for projects. My email is melly.brown70@hotmail.co.uk i would appreciate any advice and pointers form your experience of teaching this course.
    Thanks Mel
  12. textile queen

    textile queen New commenter


    We are just starting on this course as the Tech Awards didn't get certified. We have a group of lower ability students in Res Mat. We would really appreciate your help with advice on how to run the course.

    Thank you

    Staff at Bungay High School
  13. veronicaflavell

    veronicaflavell New commenter

    We started the v.cert in October 2017 as the Technical Award was not accredited, and would like some advice on planning this course over two years. We have nearly completed unit 1, but feel we are in gcse mindset. Please advise us, its with a textiles craft focus. Email: vflavell@parliamenthill.camden.sch.uk
  14. elizabethbridge

    elizabethbridge New commenter

    Wish i'd found your comment months ago. We started the craft course in Textiles late and as you said, i feel that i'm still in GCSE mode. We're really behind now, as we're just about to start unit 2 and obviously i'm worried that i'll soon have to start unit 3 - the exam unit. I have tried to find useful resources that i can use for the design / exam units but have failed miserably. Could you point me to where i can get any slideshows, worksheets etc that would get me on the right path quickly? It would be most appreciated. I have printed off lots of written pages from the NCFE website but i feel that they don't really give you much to get started with. Perhaps i'm looking in the wrong place? On the TES all i'm finding is Food and Business.
    Many thanks,
  15. jlambert2014

    jlambert2014 New commenter

    We run VCERT Craft and are just completing our first cohort. It's not ideal, but it can work. If anyone needs any support, I am happy to help. I will say that although technically there is not exam. The Unit 3 Assessment is 15 hours teacher supervised time where you are not allowed to teach students how to do the paper (you need to have prepped them separately) and 15 hours invigilated time in examination conditions. That is 5 hours longer than any art exam and is an exam! They must be thoroughly prepped as missing one area of a task will be a fail. We had 2 fail this year and fitting in a second assessment window is really tricky!
  16. oscarrat

    oscarrat New commenter

    Hi name is Krysia (head of KS3)- Your feed on TES has given me some hope - I was just about to go into school in the morning and tell my boss this craft v cert is unworkable.Please can you tell me where your school is -- I am based in ellesmere port we want to run this for a one year with our yr 9's who have 6 50 minute lessons a week. I am very familiar with GCSE DT but cannot get my head around this - do you have an email address we can talk on /mine is krysiab@btconnect.com or kballance@whitbyhs.cheshire.sch.uk - look forward to how you go about this and I'm liking the freedom bit
  17. thackerydavis

    thackerydavis New commenter

    Hi, I am running this NCFE in Craft and struggling with the lack of schemes, resources and exemplars. Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I also see the new V cert is pending appeal and has an exam. Should I just go back to GCSE? Many thanks in advance.
  18. hasinaakther

    hasinaakther New commenter

    Omg this is would be so helpful. I have currently taken over Year 11's doing this course and have spent so much time trying to get my head round this qualification. They have so much missing from Unit 1 and 2 already! Any help/direction would be so helpful! My email address is hakther@georgegreens.com

    Thank you so much
  19. pbentley

    pbentley New commenter

    I've just come back from mat leave, when I left we were all set for AQA technical award- which obvs didn't happen :( and I've had a none specialist teaching my class that are now in year 11.
    I need to get them through unit 1 & 2 after school as we only get 2 hours a week in school (we're now doing the exam till end of November) and then we have unit 4 to do.
    I was wondering if anybody has any examples of these units or resources for the enterprise part of this? I'm really not sure what NCFE expect as I've taught AQA GCSE for years.
    If anyone is in the Greater Manchester area and would like to collaborate or if you could help me from afar, please get in touch pbullock84@yahoo.co.uk
    Thanks x
  20. textile queen

    textile queen New commenter

    Could we contact you to find out how you are achieving such good results? We are struggling to get the exam and preparation done within the time.

    Thank you

    Bungay High School DT faculty

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