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NCFE V Cert Level 2 Business and Enterprise

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by Craigjohnson, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. GeogTrainee1905

    GeogTrainee1905 New commenter

    Hi, just wondering if anyone had a cohort do the Feb exam this year? We are very disappointed with our results and would be interested to find out how other students have done. Thanks.
  2. jonlloyd

    jonlloyd New commenter

    Same, very poor results. Only received unit grade, no info on individual criteria. Quite surprised, only a small group but all got Pass or fail, no Merits, even from students whose coursework has been agreed Distinction and Merit by SV.
  3. GeogTrainee1905

    GeogTrainee1905 New commenter

    You should request individual criteria - all but one of ours failed and they all got NYA for the same question (so failed overall despite getting passes and merits in everything else). I am going to query it as it seems very unfair. The students were very disappointed today as they were the year 11 re-takers and now have no chance to get a qualification.
  4. jonlloyd

    jonlloyd New commenter

    Will be very interesting to find out if my NYAs failed on the same criteria as yours
  5. going grey quickly

    going grey quickly New commenter

    we had a mixed bag - no overall higher than a merit and those that NYA'd had missed in a range of criteria. We have put in for some re-assessments (those that had 1 NYA) which we have had limited success in previously
  6. Chandra_43

    Chandra_43 New commenter


    We are thinking of introducing the Vcert Business and Enterprise (not after any resources as such) but I am slightly concerned by the proposal of a 5 hour exam. Have I misinterpreted this wrong from the specification/am I looking at an old specification.

    What are general thoughts on this course and the students you find suitable for it?

    Thank you

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