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NCFE V Cert Level 2 Business and Enterprise

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by Craigjohnson, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. icaldwell

    icaldwell New commenter

  2. nat_246

    nat_246 New commenter

    Hi all,

    As a school we a new to the course. I would be very grateful for any advise about this course.

    Email - natchambers@hotmail.com

  3. Pee2

    Pee2 New commenter

    Hi all, has anyone used iACHIEVE resources for the Vcert business and enterprise? There are no resources on the V-Cert website, beyond one past paper. All the older task 2-6 papers are not there. (Does anyone have any? I need more case studies for my students to practice spotting the clues) .

    I would be super grateful for any support. Panicking about the exam after reading this thread!


  4. going grey quickly

    going grey quickly New commenter

    anyone had their marketing results yesterday and are screaming! We had some of the strongest kids we have ever had, knew exactly what each criteria was looking for, they had read the previous examiner reports so knew previous issues and apart from a very small handful end result NYA ....3.1 apparently was their biggest downfall; somehow kids getting distinctions in all the other criterion, how could recite the MM including all the terms from the range yesterday despite not at it for 2 months did not achieve 3.1 even at a pass!

    We are appealing all of them as this is just ridiculous; we have never had so many not achieve this unit before and I felt like I was shooting Bambi giving out these results
    chamile likes this.
  5. Cannon Fodder

    Cannon Fodder New commenter

    I've just started at a new school and we only had something like 33% pass the marketing exam so if there is any help out there I'd be grateful.

  6. abbiejane

    abbiejane New commenter

  7. sineadkate74

    sineadkate74 New commenter

    Could I be added to the dropbox please too. I'm teaching this course now for the 2nd cohort through and have lots of valuable resources!

  8. sineadkate74

    sineadkate74 New commenter

    My Year 10 students have sat the Task 1 today. Can't believe the layout of task 1 has been changed without any warning. Although its easier, it definitely impacted on our students. They've been so proactive advertising the changes to task 2-6 too.
  9. going grey quickly

    going grey quickly New commenter

    Mine felt the same, although it shouldn't have done as this was how I structured their worksheets for revision!

    Do agree though that if they are going to radically change the layout they should pre-warn as they did for tasks 2-6 last year as like others we have used all the past papers and therefore that was what students were used to and were expecting.

    I do think that whilst this is a good board to use (answer queries quickly, moderators support not just judge etc) they need to quickly understand how schools work and how 14-16 year old are taught, especially in preparation for an external assessment
  10. lucythompson_ncfe

    lucythompson_ncfe New commenter

  11. zoewatkins85

    zoewatkins85 New commenter

    If I could also be added it would be appreciated, we have just moved our students across to this course and any help would be appreciated. Although reading this thread is filling me with a little bit of dread about the external assessment element.
    My email is;
  12. ohsocharming

    ohsocharming New commenter

    What are people’s results like on unit 2? We had ours back today and they were awful. We followed the specification to the letter but sadly so many if students missed out on a grade because of 3.1. We plan to appeal the grading
  13. J_H

    J_H New commenter

    not at all good and very disappointed about 1/3 got through. I really don't like this mastery either - we had some kids with Distinctions and Merits but 1 Pass which gave them an overall Pass - not at all good.

    How did others do?
  14. going grey quickly

    going grey quickly New commenter

    ours were a lot better this time around. We appealed 45 students on the October sitting and only had 5 that changed, most of them we appealed were on 3.1 as well. On the appeal documentation it seems that the main issue was not discussing all 4 P's i.e. missing one out.
    In terms of the mastery whilst it is not good that just one pass criteria will result in a pass overall given the accessibility of the coursework there has to be something that ensures that only the top students can get a D* overall
  15. Bezzer1

    Bezzer1 New commenter

    Does anybody have any experience of delivering Cambridge OCR Nationals? Our centre currently delivers Vcert L2 and we have had "mixed" results. We are currently reviewing our offer and looking at IFS Level 2, BTEC L2 and OCR Nationals. Any advice/experience welcome. :)
  16. gillwilkinson

    gillwilkinson New commenter


    We're looking at offering the Vcert alongside our current GCSE offering for the less able pupils.

    Please could I be added to the Dropbox: glawrence@conyers.org.uk

  17. mrryan

    mrryan New commenter

    Hi, we're also looking at delivering Vcert in place of the GCSE. If I could be added to the drop box group.
    Many thanks.
    emal cryan@carletonhigh.co.uk
  18. shamima93

    shamima93 New commenter

    Hi, we are just about to start teaching the Vcert course after summer. I would be grateful if I could be added to the Dropbox please. Starting to worry about the pass rate...

    Am I correct in saying that there is only one exam?


    Thank you.
  19. ohsocharming

    ohsocharming New commenter

    We as a school have had to stop using this course and exam board.

    Our experiences have been poor especially on the external assessed unit 2. The fact that a student can fail the whole course by failing just one task.

    Some of our best student did not pass unit 2 despite getting distinctions on all tasks but one.

    When requesting remarks many of the students grades were re graded at completely different marks to the original grades, some even going from a distinction to ungraded on certain tasks.
  20. mrmulla_cs

    mrmulla_cs New commenter


    It will be my first year of teaching from September and I have been asked to introduce this course. Would really appreciate it if I could be added to Dropbox. Happy to share any resources I have.


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