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NCFE V Cert Level 2 Business and Enterprise

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by Craigjohnson, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. going grey quickly

    going grey quickly New commenter

    we had one student go up from a Pass to a Merit; unfortunately though as all ours had achieved this criteria in both sittings we had no one go from a NYA to a Pass (wish it had been 4.1!)
  2. GeorgiaKOU

    GeorgiaKOU New commenter

    Could i also be added to the dropbox group, I will be new to taking over the VCERT and any resources will be greatly appreciated. kouppasg@eehs.surrey.sch.uk
  3. shinnelp

    shinnelp New commenter

  4. shinnelp

    shinnelp New commenter

    Hello, could I please be added to the Dropbox too? Much appreciated! shinnel.paras@oasishadley.org
  5. Katybusiness123

    Katybusiness123 New commenter

    please can i be added to the vcert drop box, we are starting the new course in September.

    Many Thanks
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 29, 2017
  6. lucythompson_ncfe

    lucythompson_ncfe New commenter


    I was wondering if I could be added to the dropbox account aswell? I am genuinely interested to learn more about the resources that you are all sharing and explore how we can facilitate this function further!


    Lucy Thompson | Product Manager (Schools)
    lucythompson@ncfe.org.uk | 07469 353104
  7. boylana

    boylana New commenter

    Could I please be added to dropbox as I am now teaching this next year.


    Adrian (boylana@stedcamp.bham.sch.uk)
  8. sedgy1

    sedgy1 New commenter

  9. flippmurray

    flippmurray New commenter

  10. spike1010

    spike1010 New commenter

  11. lucythompson_ncfe

    lucythompson_ncfe New commenter

    Hi valerie36pippin, I was hoping I may be able to have a brief chat with your about the resources you are very kindly sharing via dropbox. I am really pleased to learn about any resources our customers find helpful and would love to be able to enhance this offer in any way I can. Could you perhaps let me know how best to contact you?

    Lucy Thompson ( Product Manager - Schools)
    0191 240 8976
    M: 0746 935 3104
    E: lucythompson@ncfe.org.uk
  12. spike1010

    spike1010 New commenter

    Hi Can anyone tell me where to find the drop box community link to this resource please
  13. Muddy3

    Muddy3 New commenter


    Please can i be added to the VCERT Dropbox also, would be greatly appreciated.


  14. dc4387

    dc4387 New commenter

    Hey all,

    Could you add:

    dc4387@gmail.com - to the VCERT drop box too please.

    Many thanks!
  15. toddy75

    toddy75 New commenter

  16. k433vox

    k433vox New commenter


    Please can i be added to the VCERT Dropbox as I have started teaching it.


    Thanks in advance.
  17. wi25

    wi25 New commenter

  18. macdoc

    macdoc New commenter

  19. yvette_peers

    yvette_peers New commenter

  20. tmeeks

    tmeeks New commenter

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