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NCFE V Cert Level 2 Business and Enterprise

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by Craigjohnson, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. Morning all,

    We are looking at introducing the V Cert next year as an alternative to the BTEC we have moved away from.

    I would be happy to collaborate with anyone else who is introducing this next year in terms of SoW or lesson plans.

    Many thanks
  2. Hi there,

    We are also doing the Vcert and I am just about to start producing a SOW, would love to collaborate/share ideas etc. Let me know best way to communicate.

  3. mazamsiddiq@hotmail.com.
  4. we are also moving to VCert level 2. I wish to collaborate as well.

  5. Afternoon Craig,

    We are thinking of starting the NCFE V Cert Level 2 Business, can you tell me how it's going? Are the children making good progress, are the resources any good?

    Sorry just about to commit to this and wanted a bit of advice.


  6. Sizzler801

    Sizzler801 New commenter

    Hi - I'm also looking at taking on the VCert. BTEC QCF is awful and i'm scrapping it. I'm also considering moving my Year 9's away from it (even though they've already completed unit1).

    It looks easier to manage and seems accessible for students. I'd be interested to hear any current opinions on this?


  7. going grey quickly

    going grey quickly New commenter

    another interested party here! looking at the spec, the assignments etc it does seem a very sensible solution given the current state of the BTEC.
  8. valerie36pippin

    valerie36pippin New commenter

    Hi, I am also considering running this from September. Collaboation would be great.

  9. I started NCFE Business in September and would be very interested in collaborating. I am especially keen to find out if anyone has had experience of the controlled assessment aspect. So far the NCFE course is far more accessible for our less able pupils than BTEC!
  10. Busimiss

    Busimiss New commenter

    Hi we are joining the club! BTEC NQF as opposed to QCF is impossible for practitioners and students. Happy to share resources as and when start planning. Still trying to get my students through the BTEC Unit 2 exam and finish the coursework. If we don't do something quick, it will be the death of business studies at our school....
  11. Hi All

    I am starting this course as well in september. I would also be interested in working with someone to develop resources. I am based in Yorkshire and my email address is

    mkuszyk@thecvhs.co.uk if any one is interested.


  12. Club membership form for VCERT needed. BTEC is not appropriate. Resource sharing/making would be a dream if another could?
  13. staffam

    staffam New commenter

    The VCERT seems to be growing in popularity, so we've considered moving to it. However, I'm struggling to see the attraction of the need for learners to spend 5 hours under exam conditions. I know they've tried to dress it up as controlled assessment....but it isn't!

    If someone can convince me, I'd consider developing resources for it on the replacement of Business Studies Online (which is coming soon!).
  14. Me too

  15. going grey quickly

    going grey quickly New commenter

    I abandoned BTEC very quickly and as nothing else available at that time took the group through the Applied GCSE. Looked at this spec and think it feels far more accessible for students and easier for me to administer.
  16. Forgot to put my emai :) l:

  17. valerie36pippin

    valerie36pippin New commenter

    Hi, myself and Matthew have started chatting and sharing today. (Thanks Matthew). If anyone else interested please contact me via email. andrea.foster@taw.org.uk. Also, I would love to see this as set up on Business Studies online. This is going to be a popular course I think so will be worth it... Anyone agree?? Andrea
  18. Hi I too have abandoned the NQF BTEC and am starting teaching this in September so am happy to collaborate - I have approached the EBEA about starting a VCERT network as I think there seems to be less support for NCFE.
  19. Hi all - I am interested in collaborating for VCERT in Business my email is Luci.brown@sittingbourne.kent.sch.uk has anyone paid for the resources available on TES - or has any text books to suggest?
  20. ailahi

    ailahi New commenter

    I am also intrested in collaborating for VCERT in Business my email is mrilahibusiness@gmail.com or you can message me on twitter @mrilahibusiness if we all collaborate together or create some kind of group with all these teachers that would be intresting

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