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NCFE Cooking and BTECH Jamie Oliver Home Cooking

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by carolinehamilton2209, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. carolinehamilton2209

    carolinehamilton2209 New commenter

    Hey, all. I am about to start HoD Food Tech and we will be delivering NCFC Vcerts LL/L2 Cooking and Jamie Oliver Btech L1/L2 Home cooking but never delivered it before...experiences? Has any one good recommendations for course books to have, or to get as an aid for the students resource wise? I have the specs etc but thinking more about actual text books?
    TIA xx Caroline
  2. lucythompson_ncfe

    lucythompson_ncfe New commenter

    Hi Caroline,

    I am the Product Manager at NCFE responsible for the V Certs in Food and Cookery. We currently endorse iAchieve to provide an online learning platform to support delivery. Please do take a look at their website to see if that helps: www.iachieve.org.uk
  3. carolinehamilton2209

    carolinehamilton2209 New commenter

    Ok will do. Thanks so much! xx

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