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Nc levels equated to GCSE grades

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Littlesaltee, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. Littlesaltee

    Littlesaltee New commenter

    Just throwing it out there.
    Ive never seen it written in stone but myself and lots of my colleuges have always been led to equate nc levels with GCSEs grades as follows
    Level 4 is an f
    Level 5 is an e etc

    Therefore looking at this model ( even though many schools mines included end year 9 with a GCSEs grade

    End of year 6. End of 7. End of 8. End of 9. End of 10. End of 11
    4b. 5c. 5a. 6b. C

    If indeed a level 6b equates to a D.... Then we are expecting only 1 grade improvement from the end of year 9 to the end of year 11?

    But and F to a D during ks3 ?

    Shouldn't progression be linear?

    Like I say just throwing it out there, no flames please.
    Ps I know levels are going...
  2. jpayne27

    jpayne27 New commenter

    It is linear,
    By the figures you have used a student who is a solid 4 at the end of KS2 will get to a solid 6 by the end of KS3. This is 2 grades over 3 years.
    By the end of KS4 this student will then be on a high C grade and with a shot at a B. This equates to 2/3 of 2 levels (as KS4 is only 2 years).

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