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Nausea and vomiting and other end too

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by tassiegirl, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. Does anyone know how long you let it go on for before taking (or getting from chemist) some stemitil or bucostem etc?
    It's only been 8 hours for me, the cramps are unrelenting! Can keep tiny amounts down for about an hour and then it all gets too much again. Feel worse cause I need some fuel but the thought of it, blah. Currently sucking on one raisin every ten minutes and sipping sugar and salted water.
    Please make it stop!
  2. Lots and lots of fluids but absolutely no food at all (unless you particularly enjoy vomiting!).
  3. Fluid coming back up too. Have the worst headache from low blood sugar, which is also making me feel worse
  4. When I had an evil sickness bug the paramedics (sent by nhs direct because I had fainted and knocked myself out!) said I had to drink 15ml of fluid at regular intervals. Any more in one go would just keep returning!
  5. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    This sounds dreadful, I'm so sorry you're ill during your holidays!.
    If you can't even keep fluids down, I'd definitely contact NHS direct, or your GPs surgery (tomorrow) for advice. If you are unable to hydrate yourself, you could become very ill indeed (not to say you are not already!) and might eventually require IV fluids to prevent you from dehydrating completing. I only mention this because a friend of mine recently had a terrible bug and ende dup spending a night on a hospital wards being rehydrated!
    That said, hopefully the worst will be over soon and you'll slowly be able to keep more down, including lots of fluids.

    Feel better soon
    Eva x x x
  6. inq


    A Dr'ssuggestion for us to hydrate the kids when they were like this once was to get some Coca Cola (not diet or supermarket own), add 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar - which makes it fizz alot and then go flat, sip this very slowly. It is apparently very similar to dioralyte but a lot more palatable. It can also be frozen into ice cube size ice lollies tobe sucked - we've done this many times and it has always worked.

    Hope you feel better soon.
  7. Please make the cramps stop!
  8. The agonising cramps would suggest food poisoning to me.
  9. But no one else is sick. I ate some toast at half 9 last night. Felt Ill this morning so had some peppermint tea and a banana about 930am. Bottom started at noon, vomit about half past. Have a temp, ache ( no rash, not meningitis) . Have managed to keep down 100ml of cordial in the past 3 hours, but the cramping is relentless. Waiting for nhs to call me back

  10. I didn't have any cramps with norovirus, but I would assume that everyone's symptoms would be slightly different. When I had food poisoning the cramps were so bad I thought they were going to kill me at one point! I was hysterical.
    Did NHS direct say how long they were going to be roughly? Is there anyone that could get you to a walk in centre if you need to?

  11. No and no. I'm feeling particularly sorry for myself. Just spewed up brown bile and I cannot believe there is anything left in me. My flat mate is an **** and wouldn't even go to tesco for gatorade for me before he goes to the pub. He then apologised to his friend who was lovely and got me a fresh glass of water when I came back from loo for me being sick and looking rough.
  12. Sending you some virtual hugs and sympathy [​IMG]
  13. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    Ring your out of hours doctor.
  14. inq


    Some food poisonings take quite a while to show e.g. OH had campilobacter a few years ago traced to some chicken he'd eaten about 10 days before.
    Find a Dr to ask, NHS direct, GP, walk in centre.
  15. For nausea take moltilium 10 instants and strong ginger tea.

    For stomach cramps take immodium plus caplets.

    You poor soul
  16. Thank you for all the advice. I managed to keep 200ml of water and a panadol down to help with cramps. This meant I got 8 hours of sleep! Still very delicate and stomach still cramping, but not as badly and I did a wee ( sorry if tmi!) so there must be some liquid in me.

    Pretty certain I've lost the 3kgs I put on over the last few weeks and it's made me wonder whether I actually want to drink for nye!

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