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Natural sleep remedies?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by ROSIEGIRL, Jan 31, 2011.


    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    Daughter is away at uni, very stressed and not sleeping well, leading to tiredness, more stress and so on.
    Has anyone tried any natural sleep remedies? I'm quite sceptical about homeopathy etc. but just wondered if there was anything I could suggest to her to try and help.

    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    Daughter is away at uni, very stressed and not sleeping well, leading to tiredness, more stress and so on.
    Has anyone tried any natural sleep remedies? I'm quite sceptical about homeopathy etc. but just wondered if there was anything I could suggest to her to try and help.
  3. I got like this at uni too. My saviours were
    - Heath & Heath? Sleepy Tea (I think I used to get it at Holland and Barrett)
    - A bath using lavendar and vanilla bath stuff from Lush, it turned the water pink and filled the bathroom with relaxing scents. Its a pink crumbly block (not a bath bomb) and had some daft name.
    - When you lie down to sleep lie flat on your back and think about each joint in turn starting at your toes and work your way up the body. Concentrate on that joint and then 'switch it off'. if you get distracted and think about something else you start again at the toes. It sounds daft but my uni nurse taught me this and I rarely got on to the joints in my arms before falling asleep.
    These aren't so much sleep remedies but they did get me to sleep during finals. I hope she finds something that works for her, it's horrible having that anxious but exhausted feeling all the time.
  4. Professor Dumbledore

    Professor Dumbledore New commenter

    My sleeping pattern has been awful at the moment, do have been prescribed Zopiclone. I took my first pill twenty minutes ago and already am feeling verry odd. Drowsy, hard to type, etc. Not sure I like it so will go and hide in bed with my new book.
  5. Dr STupid Hilary was on telly the other day saying "Just take more exercise in the day, and you will sleep like a baby". I could have smacked him. I am a dreadful sleeper but when ~I have taken tabs they just knock me out. I have tried Kalms sleep they sometimes work. I also find it helpful to try to stay awake as long as I can, even when exhausted. Boots used to do a lovely aromatherapy oil for sleep I have some upstairs will try to find it and give you the name. I am sorry I can't go back to your op, but if she is stressed maybe have a written plan of when things need to be in, when she can work in the library, etc, so that she manages her workload better/
  6. He does have a point though. When I was exercising for long periods of time every day I had my best sleep. Now that I can't exercise it is back to horrendous sleep patterns.
  7. He was being smug and facile. If you have always had sleep problems like me it is just not that easy. If only it were. Not being snappy with you - just suffering from sleep deprivation. Again.

    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    Thank you all.
    She is very organized with work but is in her final year at Cambridge so there's a lot of pressure. She says that she wakes up frequently in the night, not for long usually but she doesn't get an uninterupted night's sleep and is feeling weary already - 2 weeks into term!
    I wondered about Kalms etc - there's no way she'd take prescription drugs and I don't really want her to go down that route either.
    The aromatherapy sounds like something she might try and the sleepy tea too. Any other suggestions gratefully received!
  9. qwe


    1) I wish someone could explain to me what "natural" means.
    If a substance has an effect on your mind or body's functioning it is a drug. End of.
    All a prescription means is that it's proven to work, all known side effects are listed even if very rare, and there is some accountability if problems occur.
    2) Has she tried Nytol? (available over the counter)
  10. Melatonin you can get it from here.

    amazing stuff
  11. Lavender. Some products have a ghastly dusty smell. But if you can find the good ones, you might be able to get an inhaler or a cream/ rollon/ stick to apply to the wrists.
    We have an excellent one here (but it's one of those 'only through direct sales' type products). But we also found some terrific stuff when visiting a lavender farm.
    Whichever way, these are very soothing and make sleeping just that bit easier. Esp if you don't have time for the bath.
  12. I checked what my 'sleepy tea' is. It's Heath and Heather Night Time herbal infusion.
    She might also benefit from having a good routine at night. Having done the Cambridge thing I know the pressure they put you under. I recommend setting aside some time before bed when she is not looking at a book or computer screen. Even if reading used to be a form of relaxation for her, after reading all day you need a break. I used to lay down and listed to plays on the radio/iplayer, it helps clear the sticky feeling behind the eyes and takes your mind away from work for an hour before actually trying to sleep. It might initially feel like a wasted hour but you soon learn that taking time for yourself makes you more productive in the long run.
    She could also go and chat to the college nurse, they are generally very nice people and are very used to dealing with sleepless and stressed people. Also have a look at what wellbeing things the college runs - our chaplain used to have a social session on a friday afternoon with hot chocolate and cake, it was completely non religious and just provided a relaxed place to see people from college.

    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    Thank you for checking the tea RW - I'll treat her to some of that.
    You're right about the routine thing - I think she does that to a certain extent already, as she knows that the work just runs through her brain all night otherwise.
    I'm putting a goody pack together for her - I'm not sure if she would actually take anything (eg Nytol, Kalms etc) so I'm aiming for relaxation aids instead.
    Many thanks for all the ideas.

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