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Native Speakers

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by a_rooti, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. a_rooti

    a_rooti New commenter


    At KS3 what do you do with native speakers? I teach Spanish and have a few Spanish and Portuguese speakers in all years at KS3. At KS4 it's fairly easy as I can get them to write more complex sentences, think about nuance, prepare them for exams early and eventually allow them time in lessons to revise for other subjects. However at KS3 many don't quite have the writing skills or the knowledge of world issues to cope with A-level or even some GCSE topics, so i'm wondering what things you do with these students.

    Things I've tried:

    -Getting them to help others

    -Prepare project booklets on the topic with more complex language

    -Deliver parts of the lesson (if they aren't shy)

    -Give them authentic magazines and books to read when they finish the work set.

    Your ideas and experiences would be most welcome.
  2. Teafrog79

    Teafrog79 New commenter

    I have this "problem" too.
    I asked the English department for a list of writing assessments they do and have picked a few ideas: a match report, a film review and a book review.
    I have used their work as a model for a particular piece of writing .
    The students' level of grammar in general is a bit weak so I pick a couple of recurring mistakes in a piece of writing and give them some grammar exercises the next lesson.
  3. Vladimir

    Vladimir Senior commenter

    Get the natives to teach the classes while you slack off and watch from the sidelines. It'll look really student-centered and you'll receive accolades for being really trendy in your approach. SMT here you come!
  4. judyc2013

    judyc2013 New commenter

    My kids are bilingual French and I gave the teacher all the 6ème, 5ème etc normal books that we would use in France for summer work such as the Nathan series. She is using that to set them written work and then using my kids to help actually teach certain topics to the class. It seems to work well and mine say that with an 'English' approach to teaching it they are actually picking up grammar better than they did in France.
    never_expect_anything likes this.
  5. a_rooti

    a_rooti New commenter

    Aren't you a sweetie, Vlad?

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone :)
  6. Vladimir

    Vladimir Senior commenter

    Oh, my dear, 'sweetie' does not do me justice: I'm positively cloying!

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