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Native speakers in class

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by MrsAThomas, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. MrsAThomas

    MrsAThomas New commenter

    I have two students with a German parent in my Y8 beginners' class. They are nearly fluent in speaking and understand everything, but their writing is very misspelt, as is commonly the case with those who have learnt the language orally. Obviously they can't do the same work as the others. What do colleagues do in this situation?
  2. Well, in the beginning, you could perhaps keep them occupied with spelling rules, for example with Rechtschreibstars (http://www.amazon.de/Rechtschreib-Stars-2-Schuljahr/dp/3486006940). These books are for younger children, of course, but they explain everything in a nice way and rely on self-assessment (which you could substitute with peer assessment, given that you have two native speakers).
  3. musiclover1

    musiclover1 New commenter

    I'd say lots of reading as it'll help with spelling and widen their vocabulary. They could perhaps be your helpers and prepare stuff to present to the rest of the class, e.g. a week before you cover school you get them to prepare a conversation about school. They then present the conversation and the other pupils try to understand it. All the grammar stuff will be new and relevant to them.
  4. Improve their writing skills!
    To improve spellings, give them appropriate reading book which will also improve their vocabulary: not some Mickey Mouse easy reader but something more advanced.
    Make the most of their speaking skills if you can by having them assist you so that when you set pair work, they can circulate and help their peers.
    Give them lots of role play exercises to do with each other and enter them early for GCSE so that they can do something else. If they are gifted, they could learn another language via Eurotalk or something along those lines. If your school offers another language, why not see if they can spend more time learning that one?
    Best of luck and don't let them intimidate you!

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