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National Strategies

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by anon3150, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. So, I'm totally confused and afraid to ask.
    My (primary) school is still following the old strategies for Numeracy and Literacy. However the medium term planning we get from the head never says which block we're supposed to be doing in Numeracy. When I ask other teachers which block we're doing they just sigh heavilly and mutter something about it being on the medium term planning.
    Also, when are we supposed to move on the new stuff? Does new stuff exist? I really honestly don't know. Please help!
  2. What new stuff are you referring to? There isn't anything new/ The only statutory document you need to follow is the national curriculum. Many have stuck with the strategies as they are happy with planning from them.
    As for blocks, you should be following them through unit 1, then to unit 2, then 3. A must go first, E must go last but BCD can go in any order. The blocks all state how many weeks they are intended for.

  3. I just wondered if anything had yet been published on the new DFE website? My friend who works at another school said that Ofsted had been in and had begun introducing new stuff.....

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