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National School Sport Apprenticeships

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by schoolsportapprenticeships, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. National School Sport Apprenticeships sees schools employ an Apprentice to support the delivery of PE and School Sport.

    The website will be launched in 5 days www.schoolsportapprenticeships.org.uk. More information to follow. Sound interesting?
  2. momentofclarity

    momentofclarity New commenter

    Sounds like a great way to continue undermining PE as a subject and encourage schools to bring in low cost unqualified "support" as opposed to committing to proper investment in program development.

    As long as the focus is on using the "apprenticeship" as an avenue to full qualification (University/PGCE) and not deluding these young people into thinking they will become fully qualified teachers at the end of it there could be some potential, particularly in the area of notice board development.

    Despite my very jaded and obviously biased views I am interested in seeing the framework and what the ultimate goal will be.

  3. Take a look at the website. The apprentices will gain an NVQ Level 2 in Activity Leadership, no where does it suggest that the apprentice will 'expect' to be able to 'teach' on completion of the apprenticeship. I think it sounds like a great idea, who wouldn't benefit from an extra pair of hands to set up equipment, help with extra curricular activities, coming along to matches etc etc. Plus the apprentice will be gaining real work experience, gaining a recognised qualification and getting a small income.
  4. momentofclarity

    momentofclarity New commenter

    Not sure which website you are looking at, but the one in the OP is still not up and running? I am sure there is some value in the "qualification"; however, it should be made very explicit to any participants that it is not a teaching qualification. This, BTEC, GCSE and A-level seem to be sold as ways of becoming a PE teacher when they are only a very very small part of a much bigger process (which includes University) that is often glossed over for the sake of getting higher numbers.

    I am sure there are a lot of students who will benefit, but again, I know there will be some who are genuinely shocked once having completed it that they are not qualified to teach.

    You hit the nail on the head, it will be a great support (eg. TA) role, but not much more.

  5. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    But they will end up teaching with the low motivation and standards of primary teachers with regards to PE. The teacher will stay in the class typing up signs for a new wall display, whilst the apprentice will take the kids outside to run some little relays. Activity Leadership is a joke - a pointless qualification only designed to hide the number of NEETs in this country. Why not fund a rugby award, or a hockey award. I would have no issue with a Level 2 rugby or hockey coach taking a group of kids on their own.
  6. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    What job will they get?

    Maybe a Level 1 Teaching assistant job.

    But you are going to get kids who think they are teachers. This country has dumbed down massively with sport. It is bad enough we have sub standard polys dishing out 'PE and Youth Sport' graduates, let alone kids who barely have a GCSE between then let loose in front of our kids.
  7. http://www.schoolsportapprenticeships.org.uk/
    Here's the website!
    Read what it says, it doesn't suggest anywhere that an apprentice will expect to be able to teach following the training. It does say that they may be able to pick up coaching awards whilst on the apprenticeship, something a BTEC allows for too. The furtheset they could possibly get is a Level 3 qualification which could be the entry route to a BEd or other routes to teaching. They would then start the 'journey' in exactly the same way as an A level student and have the same rigorous training, if they did choose a teaching career after the apprenticeship. PE teaching is not their only option!
  8. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    God help us.
  9. momentofclarity

    momentofclarity New commenter

    You must have a better link than I do, the one you posted and the one in the OP just go to a "website is coming" page and a quick search does not bring back anything relevant.

    Here is my issue. This is not a start for getting into teaching. This is a dumbed down option that allows students an excuse not to pursue a proper academic route through A-Levels, which is what is what SHOULD be required for entrance to university and teaching qualification. I fully agree with GGJ's comment that this will only further enable what are generally desperately poor provisions at primary.

    Coaching awards and pseudo-qualifications serve very little purpose beyond keeping kids, who can't be bothered to gain full A-Level's, busy and providing schools padding for their league table stats as it is virtually impossible for someone to not gain the highest levels due to some very poor constructed and implemented curriculum and assessment (I.E. BTEC).

    PE needs to be better, this is not the way.
  10. bigfatgit

    bigfatgit Occasional commenter

    Alternatively, Ryan works at McDonald's for 4-77 pounds (no pound sign on my keyboard!) or 3-53 pounds an hour (depending on age), gets to deal with the same kids but probably gets better training and a free meal (but no toy)
  11. Your responses show a lack of knowledge possibly ignorance of apprenticeships. The national minimum wage for an apprentice is £2.60, whilst on an apprenticeship the apprentice is earning whilst they learn. With no EMA or ALG for young people it is a great way to train 'on the job'. An apprentice plumber, apprentice electrician know that one day they may be an electrician or plumber but know that their NVQ Level 1 will only be the first step on the ladder; just like these sport apprenticeships. Have a chat with yor LSAs, BSAs and TAs, you may be surprised how many of them are doing an NVQ, they do not think that once completed they'll be teachers!
  12. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    A plumber earns a basic wage in order to get a plumbing qualification, something quite valuable and worth having, something with industry regulations so that only qualified people can act as a plumber.
    A NVQ in Activity Leadership is a pointless qualification. Will the school send them on more training to get proper sports coaching awards? Maybe but doubt it.
  13. bigfatgit

    bigfatgit Occasional commenter

    Fantastic! We can close all of the PE degree courses and replace them with "on the job learning" with a bunch of Ryans. Sheer genius - why has it never been thought of before?
    Quite simple - it is degrading the subject and insulting to "proper" teachers. Even after WWII, the emergency training given for teachers was 2 years - not apprenticeships
    On the job learning starts after your degree when you develop your teaching skills by learning from your more experienced colleagues - I qualified during the Ice Age and I'm still learning
    If Ryan is intelligent enough to get to a degree course then he shouldn't be doing an "apprenticeship", He should be taking exam courses that give him the qualifications to get on his degree course
    Can you imagine it in any other subject?
    I feel sorry for all of you back in the UK having to put up with all this tosh. Get abroad and do some proper teaching like it used to be
  14. Where does it say every young person on the apprenticeship wants to be a PE TEACHER?
    Where does it say that it will lead to being a TEACHER?
    There are many opportunities in sport/activity leadership that do not involve being a PE teacher.
    Believe it or not an apprenticeship is a qualification that will get someone onto a degree course.
    Look on here: www.apprenticeships.org.uk to actually find out what an apprenticeship is all about.
    Look on here www.ucas.ac.uk to see how many universtites accept a BTEC or an NVQ level 3 as an entry requirement onto their degree courses.
    I think we'll agree to differ on this one!
  15. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    With the fees I think most would accept a used Wispa wrapper
  16. Ha ha..... And of course they still make Wispa bars!
  17. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    Higher education? Don't make me laugh!
    I have some students who are not very academic but love sport. I tell them to get down to their sports club, join a team then volunteer. They then take their coaching badges and become high level coaches, earning good money.
    It's not ignorant at all. This country has been ruined became of stupid socialism people who believe that everyone should go to University. Only 10% should go to University, the rest should be sent into trades.
    I am seeing the output of many years of JSLA students and activity leadership courses. The people they produce are useless - they are qualified to set out cones but not qualified to manage children or provide coaching advice.

  18. I totally agree with you on that one.
  19. Not checked back on this for a few days and good to see it is being discussed! First of all the website has now been launched www.schoolsportapprenticeships.org.uk

    The programme provides an excellent way for Apprentices to gain qualifications and at the same time workplace experience. An Apprentice can be of any age so a number of existing support staff access the training via the Apprenticeship route so it does not replace traditional support staff positions. When an Apprentice is recruited it is to create a new position in the PE department and therefore new employment opportunities which is a never a bad thing!

    The National Minimum Wage for Apprentices is £2.60 per hour (£2.65 per hour from 1st October) and it is the employers discretion whether to pay more than this. A number of the pilot Apprentices are now approaching the end of their Apprentice and already schools are taking them on to Level 3 next academic year which means the Apprentice will receive the full National Minimum Wage and above for their age.

    The programme has been developed closely with the Teachers Development Agency (TDA) who have a Level 2 and 3 'Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools' Apprenticeship pathway. Apprentices on the National School Sport Apprenticeship programme have an opportunity to progress into and from this pathway and follow the Teacher Development Pathway should they wish. But first and foremost this programme is for people to discover whether sport, working with children, teaching and/or working in a school environment is right for them. The vocational experience provides Apprentices to make an informed decision whether this is the career for them rather than finding out years into training or as an NQT. Some may decide coaching, sports development etc is right for them which this framework would still allow them to progress into.

    We too have seen students leave certain courses that have not been at a standard to gain employment and that is precisely why this programme is so important. All the qualifications are vocational and Apprentices have an opportunity to apply new skills on a daily basis in a real work environment with a real employer. Apprentices gain so so so much from the employment and work experience element of the Apprenticeship.
  20. Do you advertise on www.apprenticeships.org.uk? If you don't how do potential apprentices find out where the apprenticeships are being offered?

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