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National online teacher training

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Tuesday2015, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. Tuesday2015

    Tuesday2015 New commenter


    I am interested to do a PGCE to teach secondary biology. However as I am a career changer and have two primary school children I was looking at what was available part time and found National Online Teacher Training. They state that they can find schools in your local area and all the professional studies parts are done online and placements are 2-3 days a week over 2 years. This would suit me as would be less disruption for my own children of only 4 and 6. Has anyone heard of them? They don’t offer much information on the course or any schools they are linked with. They said they are very new and only launched last year. My attraction was the part time option as no part time PGCE locally and ideally full time PGCE would be tricky with no family to help. As I appreciate NQT would probably need to be full time. I’ll show you a link anyway: https://www.nationalonlineteachertraining.co.uk/ thanks !
  2. CarolineNX

    CarolineNX New commenter


    I could be wrong about this as I'm not a teacher, just also considering it as a possible career change but have now done quite a lot of research so thought I could share what I've found (for what it's worth)! My preference was also to do a PGCE on a part-time basis, but I found that those courses were pretty hard to find. I found they were generally not geographically near me, and that the school experience tended to be on a full time basis. But great if the online one you have found also does the school experience on a part time basis. My thinking is currently to do the PGCE on a full time basis, but then the NQT year part-time. From what I've read it's actually pretty possible to do that. Anyone correct me if I'm wrong though!
  3. blueskydreaming

    blueskydreaming Lead commenter

    I'm highly suspicious of their claim to be able to find placements in your area. For schools to host trainees requires a lot of effort on their part, and not all are willing or able to accommodate, even though I believe that a small sum of money does change hands, this is not enough to entice schools to participate considering the burden. You need to have a proper training programme in place at the school, run by experienced people, otherwise you will gain very little from the course.

    Also, the people running the programme need to come into the schools and train the mentors, observe your teaching, meet with you and other trainees etc., and ensure that there is consistency across schools as much as possible - this is what unis do.

    I looked at the website and there is no postal address - where are they based? Who are they? Who are the tutors? What qualifications do the tutors have? Who would award your PGCE and QTS certificate?

    Sorry but it sounds poor.
  4. Tuesday2015

    Tuesday2015 New commenter

    Thank you for explaining the process within schools. That’s very helpful. As I understand it, it is accredited by Yorkshire and Humber Teacher training who have been running a course already and now are extending nationally with online option, they provide the mentors.
  5. celago22

    celago22 Established commenter

    I agree with the above post. It looks dodgy.
    One benefit of a university-based PGCE, is the interaction with fellow trainees. It is good to be able to talk to other trainees and have a constant support network along with university tutors you can go to if needed. A tutor also needs to observe your teaching so that they can moderate the school mentor's grading.
    Go for a part-time university course that has the established systems in place for your placements, assignments and QTS award.
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  6. Stiltskin

    Stiltskin Star commenter

  7. Tuesday2015

    Tuesday2015 New commenter

    Cheers for comments everyone.
  8. stanley4shoes

    stanley4shoes Occasional commenter

    I applied to them this year, I had, and still have, similar concerns to above. For me it was a case of knowing I want to teach, having a very firm first choice and then finding a couple of back up options that were geographically feasible (also a career changer).

    I tried to find out prior to applying where they might place me locally and was not reassured by their extremely vague response. Similarly when I tried to check my disabilities wouldn’t be a barrier.

    I was called to interview, it was to be via Skype (their norm) but even so they couldn’t offer me a date until about six weeks time (I applied in April and they said a few weeks later that I would have an interview but it would be in June as they were busy), it sounded as though it was likely actually outside the ?40 working days window.

    As it happened I was offered a place at my first choice place the same day as I was told I’d be having an interview at the online place, and so I pulled out of the other two applications. Before I got the offer I’d almost decided that I was going to pull out and reapply locally, but slightly further away, if I needed to, because of the ostensibly reassuring and positive but incredibly vague and non committal replies I was receiving from the online place.
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  9. Tuesday2015

    Tuesday2015 New commenter

    Hi Stanley4shoes, thank you for your take on this provider!
  10. NoahHarvey

    NoahHarvey New commenter

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  11. rolls

    rolls Occasional commenter

    An option for anyone wanting to do a teaching course part time might be to look for a post 14 teaching course. This would qualify you to teach in FE colleges or key stage 4 and 5 in a secondary school. Many of these courses can be taken over two years as a part time student. They are often PpDip rather than PGCE which does require more academic study but can result you having completed most of a masters qualification. There are usually listed as PSET or PCET courses.
  12. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    We run part time. 2 days a week in school and you do half the uni bit one year and half the next year. It’s harder to be a part time trainee than a full time so let me qualify that.

    Although you only have 2 days a week in school that means you are teaching split classes a very small number of times over a period and so building relationships with pupils, with the other class teachers and keeping on top of curriculum progression is really hard and time consuming.

    My part timers tell me they tend to work a 3 day week usually, plus the uni every other week it means it keeps the weekend free and maybe a day a fortnight for home things.

    Creating a relationship with two years' worth of fellow trainees also brings challenge.

    They say, if you can do full time, do it. Part time is for those who have a choice of no teacher education or part time teacher education.

    To take on such a two year project means you need schools with buy in, a strong uni set up and lots of support. Whatever you do, don’t choose a set up that looks like it is making money rather than supporting trainees.
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