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National Expectations?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Giggleswick, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Where can I look for a list of all the expectations for each year group - have tried googling but not having any success.
  2. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

  3. Not really but thanks for the link - will be useful anyway. No I just wanted to know what level each year group is expected to attain.

  4. End year 2: Level 2
    End Year 6: Level 4

    Therefore, End Year 4: Level 3.

    Expected progress is one level (or 3 sublevels) every 2 yrs.
  5. Thanks JKS but is there not a more specific breakdown e.g. Year 2 = 2B?
  6. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    no, because sub-levels are arbitrary, they were made up by the QCA.
    Our marine friend has it about right but school expectations are wildly different.
  7. level 2b = average year 2
    Expected progress in Y2 is now a level so average y1 = 1b
    Progress in Y3 is generally fixed at a third of a level so average =2a
    y4 expected progress = 2/3 level so average = 3b
    y5 expected progress 2/3 level average = 4c
    y6 expected progress = 1/3 of a level average =4b

    However you do have to define what average is!!

    The above are a little general but a good indicator

    For the able add 2/3 of a level to each yearly expectation

    For the less able deduct 2/3 of a level
  8. Are you wanting to know for yourself or to put in reports for parents? If the latter, then I wouldn't go into sub-levels (unless your school asks for this - questionable logic tho IMO), use phrases like ' broadly in line with national expectations' (or below or above as appropriate).

    Can see where Cornish boy's breakdown comes from but personally feel these are too prescriptive - e.g. chn make more progress in yr 6 at our school (whether they will still be at their May level come September is debatable tho!).

    If (when?!) APP comes in, sub-levels will be history (yaaaaay!) so we might as well get used to the new language of assessment!
  9. Can't see how sub levels will ever be history, esp for teachers needing to prove progress in performance management situations - a child just in a level as they enter a class could still be, quite correctly still in that level 2 years later - won't we all want to prove progress has been made?
    Also having looked at the APP stuff it might not give thirds of a level but it gives not secure, secure and nearly out of, or words to that effect which to me is thirds of a level. Most of the computer assessment programs we have will need data which will break the levels down - I think they're here to stay although the form may change
  10. NicoleK

    NicoleK New commenter

    Yup- they are here to stay. The language has simply changed from c, b, a to low, secure, high.

    We're not fooled! It means the exact same thing!
  11. Ok true...however, I stand by what I said about telling parents sublevels - they don't need to know anything more than whether their child is working in line with national expectation or not.
  12. NicoleK

    NicoleK New commenter

    Our parents insist on knowing. As they get that sort of detail on the end of Key stage 1 print out that we have to give them, they demand it from then on. (we don't provide it in Year 1).
  13. We don't have KS1 so not exactly same issue I guess.

    I teach Year 6 and in our initial parents evening I tried to explain sub-levels to some who clearly didn't really understand what the letters and numbers all meant. I intend to keep it as simple as I can unless asked for more detail. APP will at least be more parent-friendly from that point of view!
  14. Thanks for your help - yes I need them for reports - we have to say whether in line. above etc but there will be a seperate sheet to outline what the sublevel expectations are so I needed to know so I can say where they are - our parents also demand to know!

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