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National Curriculum review 2014 what do NQTs/trainee teachers think?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by sbxx, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. I just wondered if anyone could share their views on the national curriculum review and how it will affect you as a trainee teacher or NQT?
  2. I was just about to post asking about this! I have a place to start a Primary PGCE in September. I asked about it at my interview and was basically told that it's a bit of a rock/hard place situation. They have to teach us to a curriculum which they know will only be correct for a year at the most.

    I am approaching it with the view that at least it will get me used to the constant changes which I will experience throughout my career. And it can perhaps help me focus on the general teaching skills which I can apply to everything, rather than worry too much about the curriculum and miss the bigger picture.

    At the same time it is very frustrating. I am already having problems trying to find relevant/up to date government documents online, I don't know how anyone ever keeps up with it all, but I guess I'll learn.

    Would love to hear any hints about how to deal with it through training if anyone has some :)

  3. A good training provider will help you to see the key skills, strategies and knowledge that you need as a teacher. This is more important that the actual content of the NC. You will need to know about children and how they learn and each child's interests to help you to plan your own curriculum for them, something that goes beyond the NC.

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