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National 5 English

Discussion in 'Scotland - curriculum' started by morrisseyritual, Sep 24, 2019.

  1. morrisseyritual

    morrisseyritual Occasional commenter

    from a pupil’s eye view, what does a candidate need to pass Nat 5 English with exam at the end?

    Struggling SEN teacher here receiving various answers from own English colleagues!!
  2. Marisha

    Marisha Occasional commenter

    A good folio, consisting of two essays. In my experience, children do better if they produce a personal essay rather than an imaginative essay. For the discursive essay, the advice is to avoid overused topics: euthanasia, size zero models...

    Beware: many children choose to write about the death of a grandparent. These personal essays can do well, but I've heard examiners referring to them as 'Dead granny essays'.

    Paper One - the RUAE - needs a lot of practice. Ideally, children should read as much as possible. ISTR that Hodder and Gibson produced 'National 5 English: Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation' by Firth and Ralston. Actual papers are available on the SQA website.

    Paper Two consists of the specified text questions plus a lit critical essay. The essay must be a different genre from the spec text. Some markers have told me that kids seem to do better when the spec text is a drama. That then lets them answer on a prose or a poetry for the essay.

    Some kids try to get away with only swotting up one short story* or one poem for the essay. That's a risk. To be safe, they need at least one of each.

    *The prose text can be a novel, of course, but I'm assuming (incorrectly, perhaps) that you're working why someone who is possibly having difficulty and might cope better with a shorter text.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
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  3. Marisha

    Marisha Occasional commenter

    Just to add that I've given you the bare minimum. Many teachers will want to cover much more, particularly with pupils who are looking for a good pass.
  4. wait_a_minute

    wait_a_minute New commenter

    I have to disagree and say that the essay questions are so generic for N5 that you could definitely get away with studying one text. Have a look at a past paper for evidence of just how broad the questions are. I wish it were not so...but there it is.
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  5. morrisseyritual

    morrisseyritual Occasional commenter

    Thank you all! Owe you a virtual drink!
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